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Monday, December 14, 2009

Review: The Sing-Off Premier

I just watch the premier of NBC;s "Sing-Off" with no great surprise. It met my expectations... unfortunately. I thought it'd be sort of forced, sort of fake, and entertaining yet boring. Maybe it'll just end up being the "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" of the very empty Christmas TV break.

My grade: C+

Here's a few tips for the show to maybe be a little better:
1) Engage the viewers... don't just jump in and get it started
2) Be okay with giving the audience backgrounds... I knew nothing of the show, nothing of the contestants, etc.
3) Take time... create something to talk about, not just something watch to pass along the time.
4) Be interactive... giving the "power" to 3 semi-celebs really doesn't give credibility to the show already met with skepticism

As far the decision goes, I agree with the results. "Solo," while a good story of hard-working kids, just couldn't sing as well as the rest of the group. Tomorrow will be more interesting, because a connection could be made. That connection should have been made in the pilot episode, and not the second episode. But here we are. Until next time!