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Monday, September 20, 2010

Blossom, not Fade

So, rounding the corner of 6 months as a full-time office professional-- no longer a full-time student-- I have realized it is incredible easy to fall into mediocrity. Office work is boring. There's no two ways about it. The results of the work may not be boring; the establishment you're filing papers for may not be boring; the people you work with may not be boring: BUT the actual act of filing/sorting/creating paperwork is and always will be boring. The unfortunate side effect of 8 hours +/- of boring, is settling into a boring lifestyle, and eventually settling for mediocrity if you're not too careful.

I, friends, have fallen into settling for mediocrity. And I am going to change that. Here are the steps I am going to take:

Step 1: Exercise. Get off my butt.
Step 2: Exercise. Use my brain.
Step 3: Exercise. Open a Bible and study it.
Step 4: Rest. Sleep for energy, not from boredom.

I recently went to an art show at Sam Houston State University and came across the picture below. The picture reminds me of myself: A beautiful flower standing up hoping for the bright future above it, but the dark ground beneath is creeping in... the colors of the flower start to fade away. I love this picture. It shows me who I am, who I need to be.

Here's to rising above mediocrity and embracing the interesting people and events that surround that boring paperwork!

1 comment:

  1. I really liked this and I agree about getting bored. Yay for office jobs.
    Is it weird that I really like organizing my desk? I get some weird high from knowing all my papers and forms have master copies that are color coded in my file cabinet....
    miss you.