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Monday, December 20, 2010

5 o'clock happy hour: December 20, 2010

Happy Monday, everybody! If you haven't had a chance to catch up on my blog today, I posted about my first Christmas card, how to make pies in a jar, and answered yesterday's Reverb 10 post: Healing.

Luggage at St Pancras
But, onto things more important than me... let's dive into happy hour, shall we?

  • In line with usual Christmas chaos... Heathrow airport is closed for a few days, due to bad weather.
  • In line with usual Christmas box office sales, Tron: Legacy had a $44M opening weekend. Did you see it? I not only saw it but sat in D-Box seats-- which I'll talk about more later, I'm sure.
  • Over the weekend, Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed, and it's likely President Obama will sign the repeal this week.
  • In line with usual shady political scandals, New York Govener Paterson was fined because he accepted World Series tickets in 2009.

Andrew Morton, the British royal biographer, will write a book about Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton
And, yes... it has happened: Andrew Morton announced he will write a book about William and Kate's wedding. Because documenting everything on the Internet isn't going to tell us enough. We're going to have to buy a $25 hard-back book at Wal-Mart to fully understand the inner workings of a royal wedding. The wedding is April 29. We have 4 more months of this story... get used to it.

  • FINALLY, an "Entertainer of the Year" nomination we don't all cringe at... Betty White was voted AP Entertainer of the Year. She's been around a lot this year... but how do you get sick of an 88 year old woman that puts your 40 hour work week to shame? Personally, I can't.
  • And speaking of Entertainers of the Year (or, at least MTV's Woman of the Year).... Lady Gaga had to postpone a show in Paris due to bad weather, and her trucks being banned from the roads in France. She tweeted this yesterday about it:

And if you haven't been watching SNL lately, you've really missed out on the Julian Assange skits. They've been so good, I had to share one....

Check back everyday around 5 for the day's top stories! ♥

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