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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Highlights

I'm starting to think the holidays are going to be bad for blogging! It's so hard to sit down and write when you are surrounded by family and friends and enjoying their company. Subsequently, I haven't written much in 2 days (I know... such a long time). I figured I'd catch you up with the main headlines from the weekend (since I missed 2 happy hours this week) and give you some pictures highlighting what I did this weekend. ♥

The New Braunfels square decorated for Christmas.

This week(end) in headlines: A Special 5 O'clock Happy Hour
In more interesting news, I went to my hometown of New Braunfels this weekend, went shopping, put up 3 Christmas trees, and played with my nephew!! It was such a fun, relaxing weekend. Here are my favorite pictures:

I poked my finger with the ornament holder,
it wouldn't stop bleeding!

Out tree!

Then it fell over.
My nephew found my the beads for my mom's tree.

Once he broke the beads, he turned to more sophisticated entertainment.

This is my parent's tree. I love seeing ornaments I made when I was 5 ♥

My parents!

We tried to pose for a Christmas card picture... ha ha, yeah right
 I hope you had an amazing weekend!! I certainly did. I can't wait to catch up on everyone else's blog posts I've missed. Have a great week! We're counting down to 2011 quickly.

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  1. Loved the weekend with you all here in New Braunfels! Can't wait until Christmastime. Thanks Amy for always capturing the moments with your camera for all of us. All I want for Christmas is everyone together safe and sound, enjoying each others company. Also, for Danzig's "bumps" to go away! I heard beetle juice does the trick. Love, Mom