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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to basics

So I am writing a speech for my intro to public speaking course that the University is forcing me to attend before allowing me to graduate, and I started looking back through my introduction to marketing book from 3 years ago. It is amazing when you go back to the basics after focusing so intently on little pieces of the whole, how simple and easy it is to follow. I remember sitting my Sophomore year in my intro to marketing course (my first time to venture into Mays Business School-- and did I feel out of place!) thinking that I was way too deep in the water and there was NO WAY that I would one day have my BBA in Marketing from a top-10 business school. Fast-forward 3 years, and I am 2 weeks from accomplishing exactly that.

But back to the basics- marketing is an easy field, but so understated. There is so much theory that supports the ads we've all seen, it is no wonder I fell in love with my major. I especially love the heart of the whole subject: satisfying customer needs. We like to think marketing is just selling crap to whoever will buy it. But going to the hear of the matter, those true marketers- who actually care about what they are doing- are not selling products but satisfying customer needs. It is the marketer's job to understand what people want, and then fulfill that desire. Disney Land doesn't make cartoon characters. It satisfies the desire to be entertained. Nike does not sell shoes. If fulfills the desire to (1) have supportive footwear and (2) take part of an established identity-- the Nike Brand.

This is the beauty of social media. It allows that gap between marketer and customer to be small- at some points virtually invisible. If someone tweets: "This new yogurt place should have more varieties of flavor!" the yogurt shop in question can add more flavors, and satisfy that need. Before, the yogurt shop would have had to go out and ASK for suggestions. Now, they just have to monitor simple web-sites like Twitter, or read blogs- such as this one- and voila! their job is already done for them.

So whatever field you're in- journalism, construction science, book writing, sandwich making, taxi cab driving- remember to look back to the basics of what your field entails. Maybe what you find will inspire you to do better, go farther, and do more!

Thanks and Gig 'Em.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Adult World

I'm learning about the adult world by putting myself in a boring office job for 1 year... Let's see how this goes. Lessons so far:

1) Being able to listen to your own music ALL DAY LONG is one of the best things about being in an office
2) Not being able to see the sun until lunch (or sometimes 5!) absolutely is awful and I will be sure to ALWAYS put windows in any office building I'm in in the future
3) Facebook/Twitter are not distractions but motivators... you keep contact with the outside world to remind you of why you're working

and finally....

4) Taxes suck. My first "adult" paycheck was SO much lower due to those awful "social security" taxes. Ugh.

Until next time...