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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cupcakes, but even better

Have you ever thought about putting edible stickers on your cupcakes? Well, that's what the folks over at http://ticings.com/ have decided to do. They sell customizable, and standard cupcake icing sheets. You just peel and press onto your cupcake, cake, etc. These would be so cute for weddings! Just think of the endless possibilities. Not sure if you think they'd look good?

They have ones for Halloween!!!

Here's some more:

I can't wait to try these out for myself. If you do, send me pictures so I can see them. Or better yet, make me a cupcake with one and just bring it to me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Beauty in an Egg

IKEA recently released a cookbook in Europe with the most breath-taking photographs of ingredients. Staring at these beautiful photographs after just having a breakfast of a protein shake and water made me realize we sometimes forget the beauty in food, the art in cooking. No, working 50-60 hours a week does not allow much time for elaborate food presentations or experimental cooking (much less experimental food photography); but we can celebrate the beauty of simple things such as eggs, sugar, an orange peel in a single moment.

Food can be art, it's not just for sustenance. Remembering that we can enjoy small things is key to remembering that we can enjoy the big picture. Thank you to the French designer responsible for inspiring me today!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Blossom, not Fade

So, rounding the corner of 6 months as a full-time office professional-- no longer a full-time student-- I have realized it is incredible easy to fall into mediocrity. Office work is boring. There's no two ways about it. The results of the work may not be boring; the establishment you're filing papers for may not be boring; the people you work with may not be boring: BUT the actual act of filing/sorting/creating paperwork is and always will be boring. The unfortunate side effect of 8 hours +/- of boring, is settling into a boring lifestyle, and eventually settling for mediocrity if you're not too careful.

I, friends, have fallen into settling for mediocrity. And I am going to change that. Here are the steps I am going to take:

Step 1: Exercise. Get off my butt.
Step 2: Exercise. Use my brain.
Step 3: Exercise. Open a Bible and study it.
Step 4: Rest. Sleep for energy, not from boredom.

I recently went to an art show at Sam Houston State University and came across the picture below. The picture reminds me of myself: A beautiful flower standing up hoping for the bright future above it, but the dark ground beneath is creeping in... the colors of the flower start to fade away. I love this picture. It shows me who I am, who I need to be.

Here's to rising above mediocrity and embracing the interesting people and events that surround that boring paperwork!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still a baby... going on a man

My nephew, Danzig Allen Newburry-Ogrin, is turning 1 years old today! I felt like it would be appropriate to list some lessons I've learned because of him this past year:
  1. Love can be unconditional
  2. Not taking the path others say you should can actually be for the best
  3. Life is full of surprises
  4. A simple smile can make a whole year better
  5. My parents don't mean me harm
  6. I should never under-estimate the gravity of parenthood
  7. My husband was a good pick
  8. My husband will be a good father
  9. My desire to be the modern working woman may be completely fictitious
  10. God loves us more than we could ever imagine!!

Happy birthday DANO! 
You're a great kid!

See more of Danzig's first year in pictures