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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Review: Video Games. (That's right, all of them.)

Thanks to Christian, who decided to take over my blog and give you all a piece of his mind. I take no responsibility for its content. Enjoy!

So for any of you who actually play video games, just laugh at the loser, enjoy the pretty pictures and move on with your life. But for the many of you who see video games as a way for your sons, husbands and etc. to waste their life and life savings, take a moment and consider a few things with me. Personally, I've been outside of the world of video games for so long, the last one I owned looked this this-

Now, they look like this-

And they are amazing. The last video game I bought had a more sophisticated plot then the last movie we rented

And lets take another look at graphics I mean, I'm still completely in awe over EA Sports NCAA Football: 2008. 

And 2011:

And a preview at 2012:
(not really)

And think about the amazing things you can do with a video game now. We've all played a few minutes of Wii Sports but remember when this was considered impressive?

Now take a look at this!

So next time you're feeling a little threatened by the video game in your significant other's life, you should be! THEY ARE AMAZING! And since you can't beat them, buy one, practice alone, and join 'em. Video games: not just for single guys and token females anymore. 

And just for fun....
Evolution of the first person shooter:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snapshots: Danzig

This is my nephew: Danzig. Here's his past year in pictures:

Birth: September 1, 2009

Easter: April 2010 

Graduation: May 2010

1st birthday: September 1, 2010

Ren Fest: October 2010

♥ He's a cutie! ♥

To see another life of pictures, here's one.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Hour: October 29, 2010

Our office had a great Halloween party today! Thanks to everyone involved :-)

And finally....
New Tron video clip was released today!

Buzz: Happy Halloween!

By Andy Rowell '12

 Celebrities, co-workers, strangers--- we're all in costume! So, enjoy the madness for this weekend!

Even Dr. L got in on the fun-->

Regis & Kelly dressed up as many things today... but the Kardashians bit was worth seeing again: Watch it here.

Lady Gaga is SURROUNDING us this season...

She's among some of Halloween's Hottest Costumes... The second most popular costume? Snooki. {This one may be THE most annoying this season-- you are warned}

Want Halloween music? Nox Arcana was suggested to me today-- and my Pandora station is rocking the vibe! Listen to get int he mood of the weekend.

And, this week TV got us all in the mood for Treat or Treating... I've only seen Community from NBC's Thursday night so far... but it was AWESOME!! Zombies, I mean really?!!?, Zombies? You can see other pictures here.

If you still need your Halloween costume, I put together a bunch of helpful hints and ideas for you here.

Here are 5 Halloween Music Playlists you can listen to.

If you want a good Halloween laugh, check this out.

So, have a Happy Halloween, guys!!!

Funnies: Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween:

Have a very Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 o'clock happy hour: October 28, 2010

Worst Tweet of the Day
First and foremost: There was a reported gunman on the Texas A&M Campus today. This is starting a really bad trend. To follow all updates on Twitter, search #codemaroon. As of this post, I'm on lockdown in Kyle Field and the guy hasn't been found. (Though he's rumored to be). I pray for the safety of all.
(Update- no one got hurt, all is well)

In other news..

Ok... soap box time: I want to say up front that I don't live in Delaware, and I'm not going to admit to being a Christine O'Donnell proponent, mostly because I'm focusing on the candidates in my area and not those in other areas- I don't know her policies well or really what her platform is. I will say this: the attacks of Christine O'Donnell have become absolutely ridiculous. Ok, maybe her witch comment was really strange. And maybe her follow up campaign videos were lame. And, you know what-- I laughed super hard at SNL's sketches about her... both of them. But the latest article I read about her escapades last Halloween was absolutely ridiculous. Is it because she's a woman? Is it because she's a conservative running in a liberal state? I have no idea why she is the target right now (maybe because Sarah Palin is off in Alaska with TLC??) but this article was (a) RUDE. It was (b) ONE-SIDED and (c) DEGRADING. The dude who wrote the article is a pansy. He makes himself sound like a victim but really, he was just a boy that couldn't say no to a woman, and then when she wasn't his type in bed, dismissed her and then used his story to attack her NATIONALLY almost a year later. He cut himself out of all the {private and personal} pictures he had from that night. He doesn't mention his name or his roommate's or the other girl's name-- Just Christine's. So maybe future Senators shouldn't dress up in ladybug costumes and run around drunk. That's fair. But if we're going to knock her for that costume (which wasn't too revealing) then we definitely have a double standard. Ok: Getting off my soapbox now.

  • The first look of Captain America is here!
  •  Mega Mind is coming to theaters next Friday! I'm really excited about it, and will probably need a friend to go with me, as C has already dubbed it a child's movie.
  • UT Students are putting on a rendition of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" this weekend.


Today's viral video centers around this theory... a time traveler was caught in a behind-the-scenes clip from Charlie Chaplin's "Circus":

Buzz: Firework

Update: Here's the whole video! (you can read more about it here and here)


So, I like Katy Perry. I'm secure in that fact. Sorry if you don't. Anyway...
A teaser video is out right now for her song Firework, which is coming out possible today... according to Katy... So, enjoy what's out right now in anticipation of the real thing coming soon!

(For the music snobs out there {my hubby included} I do actualy enjoy "real" music as you can see here - I still consider Katy a guilty pleasure which we are all entitled to have ♥)

Coming this weekend...

A stage performance of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!!! Performed by the Utopia Theatre, at the Univeristy of Texas!!! To see the Facebook event for this production, click here. After that, we'll be staying in Austin for Halloween, where I'll be dressing up as this. And C will be this.

And all of that AFTER the Aggies BTHO Texas Tech. Whoop! (Gametime: 2:30, sorry -- not televised)

What are your Halloween plans?
Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buzz: The Dark Knight Rises


Chrisopher Nolan released the title of his next Batman movie: "The Dark Knight Rises" and that the next villain won't be The Riddler. Also, it won't be in 3D. {I am a definite fan of that decision!}

So now what? We wait.
In the meantime, here are links to all the articles showing up...
  • "The Dark Knight Rises" on Hollywood.com
  • 'The Dark Knight Rises and the Riddler Falls' on FilmSchoolRejects
  • Batman 3 Titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; No Riddler, No 3D [Updated] on ScreenRant
  • Christopher Nolan reveals title of third Batman film and that ‘it won’t be the Riddler’ in the LA Times
  • E! News also got in on the actions.

Here's the Twitter Feed for "Dark Knight"
I'm really excited about the next film :-)

5 o'clock happy hour: October 27, 2010

    Top stories from the day, bookmarked for all eternity:

    • The BCS restaurant report is out for this week... I love reading it to learn where not to eat.
    • If you were to die via lethal injection, would your last words be "Boomer Sooner"??
    • The new Hobbit movie is like an episode of "Friends"... will they, won't they, but if they where will they? They may have finally made a decision.
    • In Texas, we don't have much public transportation... but I still think it's cool to see the largest public transit systems compared in an info graph... don't you?
    • What's the most popular TV shows for 18-49 year olds? They have DVRs to thank.
    • Glee's "Rocky Horror Glee Show" aired last night (and because I have the most loving husband EVER he watched it with me on his birthday)... if you haven't seen it yet DON'T read this... if you have seen it you MUST read this now. 
    • Remember MySpace? It got a face lift! Will that help you remember your user name and password so you can log back in? I did, just for kicks. (If you want see my severely outdated MySpace page, you can friend me here)  


    In other Tech news... the white iPhone release date is pushed back, Barnes and Noble continue to expand and improve its Nook, and  Apple launched an online store in China. Check those stories out here.

    In case you didn't hear... the new Christopher Nolan Batman movie's title was announced today, but no villain has been named.  

    And, finally, if you haven't watched it yet, here's today's viral video "People are Awesome":
    Check back every day around 5 for the top links of the day ♥

    What's my favorite?

    My favorite Saturday Night Live bit from this season. Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Katy Perry. It inspired my Halloween costume.

    What's your Halloween costume?

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    5 o'clock happy hour: October 26, 2010

    Top stories from the day, bookmarked for all eternity:
    • Taylor Swift has a new dude! (I don't care what you think--- she's adorable!)
    • Charlie Sheen is an emotional reck and was hospitalized for it (go figure).
    • Today's Tech Savy news includes things like the estimated value of the gaming industry and more news on the inevitable takeover of Comcast.
    • Who's getting a "$4 million locker room?"
    • And, Kara DioGueari is NOT out of a job... a least for another year, on another show.

    That's RIGHT... AGGIE SOCCER is amazing!!! Socertimes.com agrees with its latest Top 25 poll:

    1 Stanford (16) 15-0-2
    2 Portland 17-1-0
    3 North Carolina 14-2-1
    4 Maryland 13-2-1
    5 Notre Dame 15-1-2
    6 Texas A&M 15-3-0
    **The Glee Christmas album is coming!**

    Budweiser is trying to get attention outside of the Southern football-watching balding-beer bellied market... with billboards.

    Mashable releases its "5 most engaged brands in social media" list... do you agree?

    Facebook will be coming to Wal-Mart aisles soon.
    Edwards and Flores talked it out in BCS last night... and here's the scoop.

    Gaming fans--- what's new today? THIS IS!

    My favorite Tweet of the day:

    My second favorite Tweet of the day:

    • Here's a helfpul explaination on how to use Foursquare
    • Threadless (an AWESOME t-shirt company) released something new today.
    • Paypal: it's now following you everywhere.
    • Before they were stars: Glee kids before they were all grown up (so, like last year)
    • Southwest is have a sale!
    • Barnes and Noble is killing the Kindle... or at least trying to.
    Today was somebody's birthday! Who?
    And, tonight is GLEE's Rocky Horror episode!!!

    And, again... more Justin Bieber news: A "full" trailer came out for his movie {which, yes, is in 3D}... all 1:33 of it:

    Buzz: C = 23

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Christian Lee Powell. Today he is 23!
    And, I wrote a "poem" of sorts {with the help of some pictures} to wish you a happy day.

    Oh, Christian, son of Lyn...

    ...Brother to Andrew, James and Grace...

    ... I love you because you've never been afraid to boldly wear your likes and dislikes on your sleeve...
    ... I love you because you forced me to get my own Blazer Tag membership to go along with yours when we were 16...

    ... I love you because you loved my family as your own...
    ... And that you asked me to start a new family with you....

    ... And that you actually went through with it...

    ... And that you want us to start our own family soon ....

    Happy 23rd Birthday! You are awesome and incredible, and have been my best friend since I made you a cherry pie and picture book on your 16th birthday.

    Love, Amy "Ruknai"

    Gleeful thoughts: October 26

    TONIGHT is the Rocky Horror Glee Show! And since they denied us Glee last week, I think you'll agree we are dying for a little Glee action. So, to wet your appetites for tonight's highly anticipated Halloween spectacular show, I've put together all the promo videos and news and links for you ♥

    Fox's "Coming on Tuesday" promo video:

    Teaser photos can be found on in this article, as well as Glee's Facebook page.

    E! Entertainment's "Behind the Scenes" video is in this article.
    (I can't embed it here due to copyright rules, sorry!)

    You can buy the Rocky Horror Glee Show soundtrack here.
    (I have it, and it's totally worth the $6.99)

    Here's "Damn it Janet":

    And here's the entire "Time Warp" video:

    In other Glee news:

    Rumors of who is going to play Kurt's boyfriend are FLYING around! Here's one. Here's another.

    Where's Puck? Is he coming back? Here's one source.... and here's another.

    Outside of the show:
    Enjoy Glee tonight!

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    5 o'clock happy hour: October 25, 2010

    Top stories from today, bookmarked for all eternity:

    The top news of the day: Justin Bieber's first movie trailer teaser is released.

    In other news...
    • To catch up on all things Hollywood, E! Entertainment puts together a great weekend wrap up.
    • The walkman is offically dead.
    • This baker received a well-received praise.
    • Halloween is coming soon! Are you ready?
    • The Android app market is ever-growing.

    Kanye West put out a 35 minute long "rap opera" {as some are calling it}, here's the clean version for you to watch:

    Check back every day around 5 for the top links of the day ♥

    Buzz: Blue Baker's Baker

    Recently, I had the opportunity to interview an employee of Blue Baker (a College-Station-based bakery, pizzeria and deli). Abby Thomas is currently acting as the Bakery Manager of the local chain. Who is she and how did she get there? That's exactly what I wanted to find out. So, I interrupted her daily tasks of playing around with flour and sugar, and sat her down to ask a few questions. What I found was a true Southern girl just looking to enjoy life through baking.

    Halfway through her sophomore year of college, Abby found herself in the midst of an Ag Leadership undergraduate program at Texas A&M University, miles away from her native Tennessee. As she missed home more and more, a well-known public figure became her link to the home she was missing: Paula Deen. (Ms. Deen is a well-known Food-Network chef, specializing in Southern Cuisine. Seriously, if you've never seen her, check out the YouTube video at the end of this post!) The new-found passion for baking helped Abby finish her undergraduate degree and then take a 180 into the Texas Culinary Academy in Austin, TX. In this LeCordon Bleu institution, Abby specialized in the bakery tract. A required internship found Abby working as a bakery intern at Blue Baker for three months. She put all her training to work and really made an impression, but as usual, all things had to come to an end, and Abby moved away from Blue Baker into an opportunity with Kroger.

    Kroger hired Abby to be a head pastry chef in a high-end store outside of Houston. Luckily for the Bryan-College Station-area, Kroger's promise didn't hold true, and after working six months as a Bistro Manager, Abby found herself being asked back to Blue Baker to be the assistant bakery manager. She jumped at the opportunity! Fast forward four months, and Abby is now the official bakery manager.

    I am inspired by Abby because of the creativity and quality she brings to store. Besides managing the bakery employees and filing paperwork, Abby creates new products for the store. If you've been to Blue Baker the last few months, you should have found yourself surprised with monthly specials like Snicker doodles, Sticky Buns, Apple Tarts and Peach-Ginger Bread... right now, they're featuring Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip cookies(!). Her true passion comes out as she tests different recipes, comes up with new ideas and pushes for more opportunities to show her art.

    So that's what Abby does and that is what she did to get there... but who is she? When I asked her that, this was her response:
    "I don't really consider myself a baker, I just do what I like."
    Abby is patient, she is creative, she is humble. She has a great southern accent to accompany her charming smile. She really is an asset to the Bryan-College Station community- she brings talent and passion to an ever-growing economy. Blue Baker should consider itself lucky to have such a passionate, talented baker in its midst. She focuses on quality, tries to put love in every dish she creates.. and all because another Southern woman of talent inspired her to do so.

    I asked Abby, "If you were on Top Chef: Desserts and had to make your 'signature dish' what would it be?"
    Her answer: "Peach Cobbler." Then she produced this recipe for peach cobbler which she follows and adjusts to her liking. {Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing would be her second choice.}

    I also asked her a few of your questions and here are some tips she had for bakers everywhere:
    • Be precise with your measurements. Once the dish is in the oven, you can't adjust it. So do it right.
    • Have everything ready and measured before you start cooking, that way you won't forget anything.
    • Make sure you want to bake-- otherwise you won't put your heart into it.
    • To ice a cake without tearing up the cake, freeze it before you ice it. Or, if you don't have time for that, keep your spatula clean. Have a cup of water and towel next to you and clean off the spatula often.
    • And to make a good butter cream icing, substitute shortening for some of the butter.
    Next time you're looking for a place to eat for lunch, or next time you're visiting the BCS area, make sure to stop into Blue Baker and see what specials Abby has out. She may just surprise you!

    (As promised, here's a Paula Deen clip of her making none other than peach cobbler!)