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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buzz: Aspiring for Greatness through Art, Humility, and Typefaces


I found this slogan on Tumblr about a month ago and it immediately spoke to me. It gives me a sense of pride in my work... in my nation... in everything that I do. "Early days" of great nations are often difficult times... like when you start to clean your kitchen, you know? The grunt work has to be done for future enjoyment and greatness, despite that fact that what you're doing right at that moment may not be great. I actually printed out a copy of the slogan and posted it on my bulletin board collage at work next to other pieces of art that inspire me (the art which you see above is actually a part of the 8 Faces Magazine typeface project).

Every day I strive to work hard and so something great... and I look at this, and am motivated to do so.

Alasdair Gray, a Scottish writer and artist, is credited for the slogan... not because it was his... but because he wrote a book and placed the 1960's Canadian poem excerpt on the cover. In one of Gray's  articles in the Herald Scotland he explains what the slogan means to him:
 It is inspiring but not boastful. I hate hearing folk say I'm Scots and proud of it'. All people should love their land where the government does not punish them for saying what they think [...]  
I grew up believing, with my dad and his friends, that doctors, teachers and Labour politicians were the noblest works of God - doctors worked to reduce pain, teachers to spread knowledge, Labour politicians to reduce poverty and increase social equality. [...]
Pessimists will say there is now nothing left in Scotland for Home Rule to improve. I deny that, if we work as if in the early days of a better nation. 
This man's writing speaks to my soul, as does the slogan. What do you think?