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Monday, January 10, 2011

Recipe of the Week: Chili

It's 30 degrees and wet outside... and tonight is the BCS Championship Football game... so naturally this week's recipe of choice is: Chili! C makes the absolutely best chili, and here's his recipe:

1 can crushed tomatoes to 1 lb. ground beef for chili to 1 beer

Brown the beef and drain, then add the beer. Simmer until most of the liquid is gone and add crazy insane amounts of chili powder, paprika, Cavender's, Tony's, fajita seasoning, dried cilantro, Montreal steak and anything else you can get your hands on. Then add the tomatoes. From there, you just let it simmer until it's the right consistency... or until you add another beer, and let that evaporate. The longer you let it simmer, the better, just keep adding more liquid and taking advantage of the intense flavor it leaves behind. A lot of times we add a diced onion or green onion shoots while the pot is simmering, letting it melt into the stew.

Serve with cornbread, top with cheese, and you've got yourself a warm, cozy meal!

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