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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday... Celebrity Hair

Today's topic: favorite celebrity hair!
If you'd like to play along, go on over to the Undomestic Momma.
So here goes...

Number 1: 

This girl has done some crazy things to her hair... but I'm loving the red, bouncy 'do of late. Reminds me of Disney's Ariel (which was my dream hair as a child. I actually grabbed a box of red hair dye into the grocery cart when I was around 4, and when we got home, I pulled it out and asked my mom to use it on me!) So, needless to say: Rihanna's red hair is like a childhood dream in real life ♥

Number 2: 
Keri Russell

I want curly hair. But I want curly hair that I can make into a bunch of different curl sizes. I'm amazed at how versatile Keri Russel's hair is! I know, she probably has lots of professional hair people doing her beautiful locks for her... but a girl can dream, right?


  1. both great choices. keri does have some amazing curly hair. her and sjp are my fave curly haired women bc they are so good at keep their styles "fresh" and perfect

    and i just love all things rihanna soo totes agree w/that too

  2. Love Keri's hair...always have, and I'm sure I always will. I'm not a curly person but if I was or would change that fact I'd totally go for curly. :) So girlie. ;)