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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye, Michael Scott

I remember the first time I watched "The Office"... I was sitting in a school bus on the way to an away soccer game in high school, and C handed me ear buds attached to his iPod and told me to "watch this." It wasn't love at first sight, if I'm being honest. (I still don't like the first season very much.) It took me about a year to really learn to appreciate the show, but once I learned to love "The Office" I was completely hooked.

I even put together a wall of "The Office" with my college roommate Kyndal:

This is how much I love this show. I framed it.

And this year is an end to an era. Michael Scott (or, in real life, Steve Carrell) is leaving the show. Tonight will be his last night. And I'm already in tears thinking about it. So, as I'm sure many will be doing today, I wanted to honor one of my favorite TV fictional characters with a picture montage...

Here's to you, the World's Best Boss!

and don't forget the moment that Michael Scott became the happiest man in the world...

I'm crying writing this post, thinking of all his great moments.

I think he said it best himself:

Goodbye, I'll miss you. Thanks for all the laughs.

{All images via Tumblr search for "Michael Scott"}

1 comment:

  1. His character is just soooooo funny! I am not as hooked yet (still catching up) but I can already see that he'll be missed on the show.