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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little DIY Solutions for Big Problems

So when C and I got married, combined all of our stuff into our little 900 square foot apartment, and began to learn to live together there were a few things we had to get used to. Most notably:

1) C leaves all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets open
2) I leave stuff all over the bathroom counter
3) C leaves his clothes in the bathroom after a shower
4) I always forget to hang up my towel after I shower

And so on, and so forth.

So, we compromised. He would close cabinets and keep his clothes out of the bathroom if I kept the bathroom counters clutter free and hung our towels up. It was a perfect solution to an amusing problem. However, as I'm sure most of you girls would agree, it's really hard to keep the bathroom counter organized. There's headbands, and brushes, and make up, and face wash, and blow dryers, and straighteners, and cotton balls, and make up remover, and deodorant, and perfume... etc. etc. etc.

C has deodorant, a razor, and toothbrush.

So I've tried everything. The 2 drawers, 3 cabinets and an entire shelf in the linen closet hold all of my girl stuff. But, it still creeps out. So, I moved onto "open storage" - a wooden tray that would hold all the daily necessities, so I didn't have to get them out and put them up every day. That was fine, but it still was cluttered, and my make up bag didn't fit in the tray, so it just sat there on the counter mocking me.

So, I've been looking into alternative options (besides lessening my daily primping, of course)... and this weekend at a garage sale I came across the perfect hutch:

It's a cute color, has drawers and shelves, and easily closes - so all the clutter is hidden away!

My only problem was what to do with my make up brushes. I didn't like them just sitting on the shelf. So I got some elastic, a few push pins, and made myself some vertical brush holders...

See? They're organized and perfect!

So here's to hoping this solution works. If I can't keep this organized, I think all hope will be lost for me!


  1. Wow...it looks great and seems to be a wonderful solution!!!! We ladies need our make-up and such accessible :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  2. At a garage sale in New Braunfels