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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now trending: Nude Heels

Hailey on American Idol has been wearing nude heels for the last 3 weeks or so on the show... and I'm loving it!

(she apparently likes to sit, too)
images from American Idol.com

Seriously, have you seen all the celebs with nude heels on lately?


I love nude heels, because they go with everything (uh, duh), but also because they give your legs a Barbie look. From a distance it makes your legs look longer, as all heels do, but without the sometimes odd abrupt contrast between skin and shoes. Just a thought... wanted to share it. Hopefully one day I'll own a pair.

So pretty


  1. Amy! Now you are making me want some too...!

  2. Yup, nude's the color of this whole spring/summer season. I'm in love with these...just perfect, elegant and soooo somewhat sexy. ;)

    I really need to get me some!!