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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buzz: Erase the R-Word & Glee's PSA

This PSA came on during Glee last night... and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I get their point, and I support their point... but I'm not sure I like the path they're taking to get there. You don't steal to teach someone not to steal. I'm not sure saying those racial slurs is teaching us to not say the word "retard"... it's just shocking the bezejus out of us and sending me into a blogging frenzy. 

Am I alone here?


  1. The video isn't working... but I'll comment when I can find it.

  2. I saw it last night on TV and I thought the same thing. I totally get their point, and agree we should use the word...but saying it in the commercial was a little odd to me. Not so much the R word, but all the other words were really offensive! I didn't quite get it. Good message, but not sure they went about it right!

  3. I think it's exactly the way it should be said. Because politely asking people not to do "bad" things rarely works. It's effective when you have some sort of control over them (parent/child, boss/employee), but when adults use these words, they do so because they think it's OK. So being polite wont' do the job. Kudos to Glee for participating in the PSA.