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Friday, May 27, 2011

Have a great weekend (A Little Story Before You Go...)

My week was seriously stressful every day... but I was handling it. Until today. When the database which I work completely out of decided to quit on me. And the IT guy who's in charge of my database was gone. And I was informed he was the only one that could fix it.

I freaked out.

And I'm talking tears at the office freaked out. I was literally shaking with frustration, fear, stress, anger, sadness, etc. A wave of emotions just took over me. Luckily, a good friend saw my Tweet of distress and walked over to my office to let me rant. And my boss (our HR rep) took control of the situation by telling me to send her an official complaint email explaining the situation, and she'd file it away for reference.

And then my knight in shining armor came back from lunch, swooped in and fixed my problem. I could seriously kiss him right now, if he wasn't a married man with a kid at home. He was calm, cool, collected and smart through the entire event. I didn't let him see me cry, but I'm sure my short, curt answers to his questions cued him in on my frustration. But it didn't matter. He fixed the problem in about 30 minutes.

And now, all my frustration is gone. I'm recovering from my brief mental episode. I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feeling or job evaluations with my little freak out. I'm happy it's over, and am looking forward to the weekend! We have friends coming up and staying with us for the whole weekend. It's going to be so much fun. ♥

There's no links of love today, because frankly I've already talked too much for a Friday afternoon. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!! I'll unfortunately be back in the office Monday, since I basically lost a entire half day with my database issue. But it'll just be me, alone since it's technically a holiday & everyone else will be having fun. But C's working too, so I don't really mind.

Thanks for reading!

And if you missed it earlier today, my "How to Screw Up a Marriage Pt 1" was a huge hit :)

{Have a great weekend!}

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, I hate those days-- glad it got sorted out!!!