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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Musicians Even in Reality TV

I didn't watch The Voice this summer. I just didn't really have time. But I recorded it, just in case and flipped through the final performances yesterday... and immediately fell in love with Dia Frampton.

I remembered her from the auditions show (I watched the first 2 episodes and then lost interest) and was really happy to see her still around. Though, of course, we now know who won so I'm a little sad it wasn't her. But she caught my eye.

Here's her original song performance, "Inventing Shadows", which I instantly fell in love with:

I just adore her voice. It's very unique and perfect to my ears.

She's actually part of a band, Meg & Dia, with her sister, although they were dropped from their label. Maybe this will give them a little pick me up to continue with their music?

The girls at Warped Tour, Dia on Left

I just love finding musicians even in over-produced reality shows. Now I get to go buy some new music :)

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Dia! Her voice is soft yet edgy. I'm totally purchasing her 1st CD when it comes out! I was rooting for her last night!