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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Became One

I had the delightful pleasure of going to a wedding of a complete stranger this past weekend. Yet I was part of  "Family" sort-of. It was an odd experience being asked to stay behind for a family photo shot, when I didn't even meet the bride (my cousin in law, I guess) until after the bouquet was thrown... and I never even met the groom.

It was an quaint, cozy reception between two people who have been together as long as C and I have. They're both High School sweethearts that went to college together, and are now moving on in the world together. Such a beautiful sight to see.

My sister-in-law Grace got promoted from Jr. Bridesmaid to Bridesmaid at the last minute. So she got to spend the whole weekend with girls 6 years older than her. And I think she fit right in. She looked absolutely beautiful walking down the isle and standing up front watching one of her friends get married.

And then there was the best part.... the moment I walked into the reception a Margarita was thrust into my hands. I asked one of the bartenders to marry me, because he kept bringing me drinks, but he said he was already married and then walked away and never came back my direction. It was worth a shot.

Wedding brochures tell you two things. One: What's going on. Two: How long you're going to be stuck there. I do have my favorite parts of the actual ceremony - watching the groom as the bride walks down the isle, seeing the couple awkwardly glance at each other the second they turn their backs on the crowd behind them, the moment the Maid of Honor gets to hold the Bride's bouquet, and of course the first kiss.

Ah wedding food. This was actually the best piece of chicken I'd ever had at a wedding. It was covered in artichokes and mushrooms, and served with green beans. It was actually pretty good. And we made the mistake of serving a Jalapeno corn bread muffin to a 3 year old. So that was awesome. She just spit it out and made a face and went on playing.

C hates weddings, dancing, and funny pictures. He's a great husband in other aspects and tried hard to understand our need for fun, but really he just stood there and let us do our thing around him. Maybe one day I'll convince him our wedding dance wasn't the last time he had to dance with me?

And finally, the obligatory "the whole family is here!" picture must always be taken at weddings. Even if you're actually missing 2 of the 7 member family. But we took it anyway.


  1. aw my fav part is watching the groom watch the bride, i tear up everytime..even if i don't know them.

    and margaritas! hell yea! love a good wedding-celebration-margarita!

  2. Awwww, I'll hire that bartender!! Yes for margaritas coming our ways without even really asking...haha!