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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fresh squeezed lemonade


This past weekend I got to go see my family at home. Except my parents weren't there. So it was just me & my 3 siblings hanging out, which was honestly a little strange... especially since we were all staying at my parent's house.


On Saturday morning, my sister Jess & brother Clark work at the local New Braunfels farmers market (which is quite the site to see... there was nothing like that when I lived there in high school), selling freshly squeezed lemonade. It was seriously amazing stuff.


My other sister Dana & I were babysitting Danzig while his mommy worked, but when we got there, he had to jump behind the counter to "help out". He actually successfully put ice in a cup. Which of course was absolutely adorable.


I tried to take a picture of us all, but that failed. Customers kept coming up to the super popular booth, and Danzig was uncooperative. So we ended up with this priceless beauty...


And like all good things, this one came to an end when Danzig was being fussy & wouldn't leave Jessie's side, even though she was trying to work. So Dana & I carried a screaming child away and took him for a drive with his alligator.


All in all, I say it was an eventful weekend. ♥


  1. Nothing like taking a drive with an alligator to calm a fussy boy! LOL

  2. This looks awsome! I want a cup! LOL!

  3. I love fresh squeezed lemonade :) Your blog is so cute!!

  4. This looks so fun! I love Farmers Markets but I've never worked at one! Very cool. And that Danzig is adorable

    :: Emily

  5. thank you for visiting my blog! i love yours! i'm now following! :)

  6. I absolutely love freshly squeezed lemonade, the powdered stuff doesn't even come close.

  7. Ooo I am going to New Braunfuls area in September!! I hope they are still open Saturday the 17th. :) Also, I LOVE the new look!