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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's finally here... the end.

Can you believe Harry Potter has finally come to an end?

I remember sneaking the book in 5th grade and reading in my neighbor's back yard because my mom was part of the "Harry Potter is evil" bandwagon... fast forward to 10th grade and I got to read The Order of the Phoenix's Canadian edition. (Which basically meant I had to read everything in British-English, which was actually quite fun.) And finally I had to steal The Deathly Hollows from my sister after she had already read it 3 times so that I could finally read the book.

Meanwhile it was on film. These great, epic movies brought a great story to life and made the books even cooler to me. What I find most impressing is that of the 8 movies, the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating is 72%... something which most other "epic" movies (with Lord of the Rings as an exception) can't boast of.

And then I found this. One of the coolest Harry Potter fan-fare I've ever come across...

The Summharry

This is the whole of the 7-part poster parody series by Lucy Knisley. She actually has them available for free download over at her website. If I was more of a die-hard fan, I'd probably print these out & frame them in my castle.

So, I think that says it all. Fans love their HP.

I'm waiting to see the movie until all the "fanatics" have had their shot. Even though I love movies, I'm a laid-back movie watcher and don't want to be freaked out by the wands and hats next to me. Have you seen it yet?


  1. Nope, haven't seen it yet and also will wait...and if I miss it (this can happen!) I won't be sad at all. But I'm trying to see it soon.


  2. That poster is so cool! :) I haven't seen it yet, I'm waiting until the fanatics have been too :D Looking forward to see how it ends though!