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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer 2011: A Time for Change, Pt 7

1) Sweetened Brown Rice
2) Channa Masala
3) All-green sandwich on multi-grain

Last week was a little bit of success mixed in with a little bit of failure. I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain any either. I stayed mostly on my diet, but then I drank a few times & fell under the very real temptation of Tony Roma's rolls with herb butter (I failed that test). I didn't exercise all week, which was a major fail. But I had really, really healthy & good food all week (see above).

Combine my frustration of not really seeing many results, and C's frustration of not getting to eat any meat (plus a frustrated wife - which in itself will make any husband frustrated), and the result was 2 unhappy people on Sunday.

So, C sat me down and told me I needed to simplify things. Instead of the "modified Vegan" rules that I sort of made up as I went, he suggested I just go with a simple, easy plan. Like Slim Fast or Special K. So, since I like Special K way more than Slim Fast, that's what I went with.

It's super simple. Eat cereal for breakfast. Drink the protein shake at lunch. Have one Special K snack around 3-ish. And then eat a well-balanced dinner (last night was chicken, rice & zucchini). I throw a piece of fruit into the 10 am spot, when I'm usually starving, and I'm done! Nothing really to think about. 

Plus I made a promise to myself that I'd exercise at least 3 times this week. So far, I've done 1 day. But we're only on day 2 of the week, so I think I'm doing fine.

So we'll have to see how this works. I'm trying out the Special K diet for 2 weeks. That'll take me to end of week 6 of the total 10 weeks I've set out to really try to loose weight. 

This Sunday marks the half-way mark. Hopefully I'll start seeing more, real changes soon.

Staying strong ♥


  1. Remember that with exercise, you may see changes without losing weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. My number on the scale hasn't changed since I started exercising, but I've dropped a jeans size, which is a much better measurement for me! And the mental boost exercise gives is a big bonus!

  2. I would suggest perhaps inbetween breakfast & lunch - with your fruit - add some nuts for protein - if possible! :) Helps rev up the metabolish even MORE! (And obviously helps with muscle, too)

    Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!! :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  3. keep it up! slim fast is def not for long term!! i agree with the inbetween snack!

  4. We should start exercising together - I totally need the motivation. I think that's the biggest problem for me. I LOVE sleep.

  5. I have gotten pretty good with going to the gym regularly, but I can never seem to keep on a diet. My husband started the special k diet on Monday, as well. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!

  6. Another good thing to try is a whey smoothie in the morning it will help you stay full and it really helped me. I use Jillian's vanilla whey protien, silk almond vanilla and a light fruit yogurt. Good luck!

  7. Pic number 1 is calling my name!!

  8. I hope things are going well with your exercising,