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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fashion for a Tuesday: It's time...

For a new purse.

I'm not a multi-purse user (though I may begin to re-think that). I find one I like then use it until I get sick of it. And, that time has come, my friends.

As I was searching through my go-to sites (Antrho, UO, Target, Piperline), I realized the purses I was pinning to my Pinterest board were all the same: a brown leather messenger-style bag. (Guess I'm telling myself something here!)

Here are my top 3 favorites that I found:

Source: target.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: target.com via Amy on Pinterest

(Lucky for the bank, 2 are from Target!)

How do you shop for purses? I need some help!


  1. I love Fossil purses because they are great quality, but not as expensive as most designer bags! I love the brown messenger style right now. So cute!!

  2. I have one kind of like the second one but with no flowers and I love it. It's really small but perfect for going out. I bought mine at Old Navy for $20. So worth it!

  3. I'm very into messenger-style cross body bags right now. So easy to carry!

  4. I tend to find a style/color I like and then keep an eye out for it at stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I have found that Marshall's is an AMAZING place to buy purses. The last two I have bought have come from there and I have gotten them for probably 60% of what I would have paid otherwise and they have lasted me FOREVER. They have really good brands and have purses that are good quality as well.