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Friday, August 26, 2011

Have a good weekend!

Since getting in the habit of posting my weekly Project 365 pictures up each Friday, I've really begun to appreciate my life more. Which is something I've needed to get in the habit of doing.

Was every day perfect? Absolutely not! But forcing myself to take a picture each day - and then going back to look at it - makes me realize that even on those bad days, something worth noting happened.

So here's what went on this week...

Went to the beach with my bestie Mer & C - stuck my toes in the sand and drank cheap wine - in a rental house. It was perfect! You can see more pictures of that weekend adventure here.

I got my football season tickets for the 2011 Aggie Football season! 
That's enough to make anyone ecstatic for the week ♥

I had a meeting with Enterprise at work & got a squishy car out of it. 
Not super exciting. But it's still enough to make me smile :)

And it rained. Really, really rained. We needed it and it was awesome!

And I finally saw The Help this week! I went out to a 9:30 showing with a bunch of girls from the office. We got frozen yogurt beforehand, and then talked our way through the previews. It was such a fun night!! 

(And my review of both the book & the movie are coming!)

This weekend we're keeping it low-key, because... Next weekend is the first Aggie Football game!!  What are your plans?

{Have a great weekend!}

PS -- For my new followers - I'll warn you in advance: I love me some college football (and as a graduate of Texas A&M University, obviously I love Aggie Football). I try to keep away from it too much on here, but as you can see for yourself, it slips through.


  1. Looks like after the great weekend you had last week, keeping it low key this weekend isn't so bad :) I'm sure you'll still have a blast!

  2. Nothing wrong wtih talking about a little football!! It will be taking over my blog as well, come next Thursday!! Can't Freakin Wait!! (MS State)

  3. Yay looks like a fun time! Happy Friday!

  4. Great weekend! Love all the photos :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  5. Oh.my.heavens my husband would be SO jealous of those tickets. He is still trying to convince me to shell out the dough to go to a game this year as I have never experienced an Aggie football game and he says I am missing out.

  6. i can't wait to see the help!!


  7. wow fun time .. nice :))

    I've created a new girls blog with the name She Exists, where she exists and He Stalks ..
    hope you'll come and have network with me . you can also post your writing there
    will love to see you around ..

    She Exists
    Aish .

  8. i loveee your blog im following! :)

  9. I'm new here-I'm an Aggie too! I'm so jealous of those tickets-my husband and I just moved away from TX or you bet we'd be going! :)