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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ok, let's talk Fall TV

There are 2 things on television that get me so excited every year that I freak even myself out. One is the Academy Awards. The other is fall TV premiers. (We're lucky the Olympics aren't every year!)

2011 Fall TV

I'm watching 14 shows this fall. And over the next few weeks, I'll be going through each one, keeping on top of the latest "big happenings", etc. I hope you enjoy ♥

Up first I'm talking about my "regulars"... shows I've watched for years, and have already fallen head over heels for. Here's what I thought about their season premiers...


Grade: B+
What I'm looking forward to: Stories! Epic battles! Paintball! I want to see the writers get credit for how awesome they are. Last year's theme episodes were epic. And while I don't think it's going to shoot to main-stream stardom with D&D episodes, I love how creative the show is.
What I enjoy: Everything. Every time I watch Community there's something else that makes me fall in love with the series even more. I'm never left with a straight face. It's comedy done my way. There's nothing about this show that I don't like... except for...
Concern: Repeated jokes, and the usual formula. They need to get over the group "breaking up"... which happens every other episode. While I think creativity is the show's strong suit, it's also prone to using the same types of jokes over and over. It doesn't help how strong the characters are written. I just have to hope it'll stay fresh. 

Parks & Recreation
Source: google.com via Molli on Pinterest
Grade: A+
What I'm looking forward to: The show came back with such a success after almost being cancelled, and I think they're still on an upward trend. I think this season has a chance to be the next 30 Rock, the year that 30 Rock won basically everything in the comedy section at the Emmy's. I want Amy Poehler to win something. She's amazing. As is the entire cast. (If you watch it, is there really one character you couldn't watch talk for forever?)
What I enjoy: How quirky everything is. And how well the characters have been developed. I really, truly believe the character development is the best part of this show. Who hasn't fallen in complete love with Ron Swanson? Adorable Anne. Ridiculous Tom Haverford. Donna (no last name). Poor Jerry. And sweet April & Andy! See? Every character is epic in their own right. 
Concern: None. I think this will be a great season! Probably the best one yet.

The Office

Source: hulu.com via Meagan on Pinterest
Grade: C+
What I'm looking forward to: The end. Seriously. I want it to end. Period.
What I enjoy: I'm still really enjoying everyone's relationships. Since the show has been on forever, there's no more "getting to know" a character. We know them already. So it's seeing the characters develop and change that is really fun. I love how Jim & Pam's relationship keeps getting cuter, and I love how Angela keeps getting even more annoying and prissy.
Concern: It's not going to go anywhere. I didn't really enjoy this season's premier. It had funny moments, but the spark is gone. It's been gone for awhile. I really want them to go out with a bang, and not with a simmer a la Scrubs


Source: None via Megan on Pinterest

Grade: C+
What I'm looking forward to: Anything. I want something to happen. Also, I decided this year to not read all the gossip before the show airs. That kind of ruined the episodes for me last year. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy.
What I enjoy: The songs, the costumes, and how funny the "serious" situations are. I'm looking forward to what this season has to bring! I love how goofy it can be, yet still honest.
Concern: I'm afraid the show has peaked. Graduating the seniors at the end of this season is a good idea, but I'm not sure where it's going to go from there? I know ratings are still strong, but they're already down from last year, and I fear they are not going to go up again. But we'll see. In Ryan Murphy we trust, right?

So... What do you think? Do you disagree or agree with me? I've found my views aren't the norm. What shows are you watching this fall?

Stay tuned for next time... I'll be talking about New Girl, Parenthood, Top Chef: Just Desserts and a few more ♥


  1. I enjoy watching Glee for the songs as well. I am also watching How I Met Your Mother because...well, I love it. I am sad it is the last season. I will be interested in what you have to say about The New Girl. I didn't get to watch the first episode.

  2. i think Glee is going to be so good this season!!!
    did you watch the Glee Project on Oxygen? I think that is what they are going to do to get the new people, they already have one. and One girl was on the season three premier! She was the nerdy girl that they went see perform at that thing!

  3. Definitely not House. I made a mistake in reading the reviews before air myself. Cuddy not returning? WTH! House in prison? When he went back on drugs I was fed up with the series. Cant we just move past the drug thing and move on to relationship? And now Cuddy is not returning to the series. So no. Im pretty much done with House, which is sad because it use to be so good! Bones is another one that I am concerned about, but will continue watching with hope. Point of Interest sounds interesting....maybe just because the guy from Lost is the star...LOL! We'll see. I am watching a lot more than this but these are the ones that stand out at the moment :-) Great opinions and reviews!

  4. Even though I've been a die hard Office fan for years I just haven't watched it since Michael left. Without him, there is no office.

  5. I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. Check it out here!

  6. I love Parks & Rec! I also love all of the teen shows on the CW hehe :)

  7. Oh cool, let's see. I did enjoy seeing 'Pam' pregnant. I think they're so dam cute.

    I caught only the end of Parks. I'm just getting into it. I've only watched a couple of episodes. Still deciding.

    I'm liking How I Met your Mother. Still cracks me up.