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Monday, September 19, 2011

TV Land, Where I Love to Live...

Last night was TV's "biggest night"... also known as the Emmy Awards. I'll just start off by giving the whole thing a B+


Jane Lynch did a respectable job as an award show host (which is definitely not an easy gig), but you could tell they were playing it a little safe after poor Ricky Gervais freaked out TV Land at the Golden Globes. But overall, she was enjoyable, funny, and it was refreshing to not want to fast-forward through any of the pre-recorded "filler" videos.

As for the winners. It was a Modern Family night. The one comedy show I don't watch. But oh, well. Congratulations to that cast and crew for working hard. Better luck next time Steve Carrel Alec Baldwin! I still think Parks and Recreation is the funniest show out there, but I guess that's my humor & I don't pick the winners. And yay! Mad Men. Glad I started watching you!

My favorite part of every Emmy's to watch is the made for TV Movies category. Or as I like to call it, the "what you missed by not subscribing to HBO, you idiot" category. We always find a few movies that sticks out, and put them on our Netflix queue, as we did last year with Temple Grandin and You Don't Know Jack.

But really, what we all care about are the dresses anyway, right? I was bummed I had to miss the red carpet, but luckily that's what pictures are for on the internet (all of these pics are from here). Why don't we have a look?

glee at emmys

The ladies - and gent - of Glee. Diana Agron takes home my "best dressed of Glee" award. Though Naya Rivera comes in a close second. I was happy Lea Michele played it down a bit. The back of her dress was stunning, and I like that she left it at that.

Ladies of comedy at emmy awards

Ladies of Comedy. It's always hard to dress up all pretty-like when you're used to having stuff thrown at you, or falling on purpose just for a laugh. But I think these ladies pulled it off nicely. I loved the "best lead actress in a comedy" section. They litterally crowned Melissa McCarthy with a tiara when she won. It was hilarious. And can I just say, Tina Fey looked amazing for just having a kid!!

Least favorite Emmy Dresses

Moving on to my least favorite of the night. And if this is my least favorite, you know there weren't many flubs. Gwyneth - you're skinny dear, but I don't need to see your stomach freckles. Katie - you have a normal smile and a hair stylist. Use them. Heidi - I know you're a super model and own your own fashion empire - and thank you for not wearing the mini dress you did last year - but this year all I see is poofy. POOFY. I'd still kill to be you, though, even if I could only ever wear that dress.

favorite emmy dresses

And my favorites. Kate Winslet and Julia "where did she come from!??!" Siles. Such pretty ladies. Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks are ties for 3rd. But I could have told you they'd be on my favorites list even before I turned on the TV last night.

So that's my re-cap on my 3rd favorite award show of the year. It's was all I was hoping for ♥


  1. Julia Styles was on the last season of Dexter!! I bet that's "where she came from" haha! She had been MIA for way too long :)

  2. Oooo and just to throw out my opinion (like it matters) I think Sofia Vergara's dress was stunning!! Love it!! Love them all.

  3. I'm right with you on the outfits! I think that Gweneth's dress was far too risque for such a classy show.

    I can remember who, but someone wore a black sparkly dress and I adored it - that was my fav of the night :)

    Oh and I love Modern Family, you should try to watch if you can. It's hilarious. Also love Parks and Rec. SO glad it didn't get cancelled!!

  4. thanks for the recap. the husband was watching football so the Emmys got booted. haha

  5. They were all so lovely! I rarely adore so many in one awards show.

  6. I love awards shows. And sadly I missed the Emmy's this year. But from what I hear I didn't miss much and you have very nicely recapped the whole thing. And Kate Winslet was my favorite of the evening too! :) I can't wait for the Oscars and the Golden Globes, those are my top two! :)

  7. Um, we need to be friends. Parks and Rec is my absolute favorite show!!!!!!