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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who are you? 10 things...

What a week it's been! I had the pleasure of receiving a few blog awards from some lovely ladies ♥

Rule #1 - Thank the person who gave you the award...

So thank you to, Jessica from The Landlady, A @ Pink, Pearls and Polka Dots, Babygirl at Love in a (not) so perfect world, and Felicity at Pursuit of Felicity for these two awards!

Rule #2 - Share 7 facts about yourself
{I cheated and put 10}

Here's some things you may not know about me...

about me1
  1. I love taking pictures but hate being in them.

  2. I love sending notes, but always forget! I actually had my Christmas thank-you notes written & waiting to be mailed until March when I finally just threw them away!

  3. I notice who in the room is wearing a ring on their left hand... Boy or girl. Crowded bar or small office meeting. Doesn't matter. C & I make a game out of it.

  4. I used to hate eggs but am trying to teach myself to like them.

  5. I always have chapped lips. No matter how much water I drink or chapstick/lipgloss I use. Got any tips for me?

  6. bonus: I love taking pictures of my feet :)
  7. I am awful at styling hair, and super envious of all you "hair tutorial" people.

  8. Until I started this blog, I kept it a secret that I liked to write.

  9. I take everything personally, because I'm unfortunately very egocentric.

  10. I grew up traveling the country with my family, because my dad played on the PGA tour.

  11. I married my high school sweetheart ♥

Rule #3 - Pass this along to 15 bloggers

I'm just going to pass it on to you. My faithful readers.

Tell me something about yourself...
I'd love to know ♥


  1. Oooh cool, your dad was on the PGA tour? Fun little fact!

  2. Lovee learning more about you! I hate being in pics too. And oOo your dad was on the PGA tour? That's awesome!

  3. So cool that your dad on was the PGA Tour! I watch the PGA constantly!

    Also, try vaseline I think it works way better on chapped lips...it's funny you mentioned it because I just raved about how vaseline is one of things I am thankful for this thursday!

  4. Can I just say that you look super familiar (is that weird...I hope not)?! I went to Baylor (don't hate me!) and have a lot of friends that went to A&M, so it wouldn't surprise me if we have mutual friends. :)

  5. OMG I swear I felt like I was reading about myself!!! I totally do the wedding band game. I do it with engagement rings a lot too. My lips are always messed up, plus I bit them when I'm stressed or nervous (which is always) and I always forget to send out thank you notes and cards!

  6. Congratulations on the awards! That is awesome that your dad was on the PGA tour!!