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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who are you? From A to Z

I saw this around at Katie's Pencil Box last week, and then again at Sometimes Sweet and Crowley Party this week, and I thought it was the perfect continuation of last Thursday's Who are you? post. It's another little get to know you game.... from A to Z!!

Here's the A-Z's of me ♥

A. Age: 23
B. Bed size: King. We had a full for the first 6 months of marriage & it was awful. Way too small! Especially since I can't sleep still and I always sleep in the middle of the bed.
C. Chore that you hate: Cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. Luckily, C doesn't hate doing that!
D. Dogs: Nope. And we're not getting any anytime soon.
E. Essential start to your day: A good breakfast & a shower.
F. Favorite color: Purple, pink & gray in various shades.
G. Gold or Silver: Gold accessories. Silver wedding band. (Mine's white gold, ha!)
H. Height: 5' 6" - just tall enough to be "tall" but short enough to wear heels when I want
I. Instruments you play: I used to play the piano really well.
J. Job title: Business Assistant III. Riveting, I know.
K. Kids: None. And none coming soon.
L. Live: Bryan, TX
M. Mother’s name: Sharon. (Who's twin's name is Karon)
N. Nicknames: Ams - but only by 1 person. Rosehose - from middle school. And "Director of the Universe" - from my dad who liked to embarrass me in middle school.
O. Overnight hospital stays: None for me since I was a baby!
P. Pet peeves: Being a fan of everything. You can't like everything... especially music. That's probably my biggest pet peeve!
Q. Quote from a movie: "Empire Records, open 'til midnight..... [pause to listen to person on phone].... MIDNIGHT!!"
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 3. Jess is 14 months younger than me, then Dana & Clark. My mom had 4 kids in 5 years so we're all pretty close.
T. Time you wake up: {Added in later! Wasn't on my first list. Thanks, Krystle!} Around 6:30 every day. And 8 on weekends.
U. Underwear: Private!! Actually, depends on the day. I hate panty lines, though. And that's all I'll say there.
V. Vegetable you hate: Okra & mushrooms. I hate mushrooms!!
W. What makes you run late: Everything. I'm never on time. I just dawdle. My dad used to call me & my sister "dilly" and "dally"... and it still applies to both of us!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: my wrist & dental
Y. Yummy food that you make: everything. you can see my recipes here.
Z. Zoo animal: Okapi! They're the cutest!! See...

Source: flickr.com via Kristen on Pinterest

I'd love for you to play along too! Simply copy & paste the answers in the comments... Or do it over at your blog & link back in the comments ♥

A. Age:
B. Bed size:
C. Chore that you hate:
D. Dogs:
E. Essential start to your day:
F. Favorite color:
G. Gold or Silver:
H. Height:
I. Instruments you play:
J. Job title:
K. Kids:
L. Live:
M. Mother’s name:
N. Nicknames:
O. Overnight hospital stays:
P. Pet peeves:
Q. Quote from a movie:
R. Right or left handed:
S. Siblings:
T. Time you wake up:
U. Underwear:
V. Vegetable you hate:
W. What makes you run late:
X. X-Rays you’ve had:
Y. Yummy food that you make:
Z. Zoo animal:

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!


  1. A. Age: 29 - for a few more weeks
    B. Bed size: California king. Buster takes up at least half of the bed!
    C. Chore that you hate: Dishes. I love to cook but absolutely despise doing the dishes. I think we'll be getting a dishwasher soon. Fingers crossed.
    D. Dogs: 2 border collies: Riley (8) and Buster (1) - both rescued from local animal shelters.
    E. Essential start to your day: Hot tea for my drive into work.
    F. Favorite color: Rusty Maroon
    G. Gold or Silver: Either. My wedding ring is white gold.
    H. Height: 5'8"
    I. Instruments you play: None. I took piano lessons for a few years as a child but haven't played since then. If I had to learn an instrument now, I would pick the violin.
    J. Job title: Desktop Publisher
    K. Kids: We don't plan on having kids for a few more years.
    L. Live: On a farm in Central Wisconsin.
    M. Mother’s name: Sandra (but she prefers Sandy)
    N. Nicknames: I don't have any current nicknames but I had 3 when I was little: Kelly Mouser (by my grandpa because I always wanted to check his mouse traps at his fishing shack), Beaner (thankfully that nickname didn't stick!), and Wendy Whiner (what my mom called me when I was crabby. My brother was Stormin' Norman.)
    O. Overnight hospital stays: Surprisingly, none!
    P. Pet peeves: People who don't say "thank you"
    Q. Quote from a movie: "Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it." Any guesses on the movie?
    R. Right or left handed: Right
    S. Siblings: 1 older brother - Kurt
    T. Time you wake up: 4:03AM
    U. Underwear: Yes, I wear them. Nuff said.
    V. Vegetable you hate: Raw celery.
    W. What makes you run late: Trying to figure out what to wear. I try to set my closes out the night before but if I forget, I'll be running late for sure.
    X. X-Rays you’ve had: Oh boy, this is a long list. Multiple chest x-rays, multiple head and spinal x-rays, dental x-rays, feet, hands. I've never broken a bone but I've had a lot of other things go wrong.
    Y. Yummy food that you make: I cook from scratch every single night and love trying new recipes. One of my favorite (and easiest) meals to cook is shrimp and angel hair pasta in a white wine and garlic sauce.
    Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe - my favorite!

  2. I am definitely going to be saving those A to Z's for a future blog post! I love it! I saw Crowley Party and Kate @ Lipstick Junglegym do them and now you!

    Happy Thursday! XOXO

  3. How fun! Last summer I saw Ethan Embry in Vancouver and tried stalking him to take a picture but was too scared lol. Then he ended up being on my plane back to LA. I finally snapped a pic of the back of his while he was getting his luggage haha!

  4. ahh, those okapi are just so gosh darn cute!! i can't even stand it! thanks for sharing girl!
    xo TJ


  5. Nice way to meet you! And those little guys ARE cute :)

  6. Love this way of getting to know you! ;)

  7. I love these things :) It's a great way of getting to know people. Cute blog, by the way!


  8. I just posted my A to Z. thanks for giving me something to blog about on Thursdays.



  9. I'm posting my answers on my blog on the 26th!


  10. This was great! I loved learning so much about you in such a short period of time. And such cool fun facts :) Glad to hear that you're a big breakfast eater, but why do you hate mushrooms?! They are so dang good!

  11. Loved reading this so much I just did the same on my blog. (kevinandsavannah.blogspot.com) Thanks for the inspiration!