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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a Blogger Swap!

I have been diligently working through my 2011 To Do List all year. And it's crazy... the year's almost up! And, like so many other's check lists, mine isn't exactly quite done.

There's a few things I've decided I may put on hold for a while - like getting a nose ring (doesn't exactly work with my current job) and becoming a bar tender (not sure if I'm up for a second job again!). While there's others I really want to get working on quickly - especially the Oscar Best Pictures list. I'm only about halfway through the list, even though I have about 10 films sitting in my Netflix Instant Queue, just waiting to be acknowledged.

So I was super excited the other day when I came across Perfectly Imperfect by Holly. She's hosting a blogger swap that is focusing only on To Do Lists.

So you know that 101 in 1001 or 30 before 30 list you've set up? Well, now's the perfect opportunity to put it to good use! Everyone who signs up will be partnered with another blogger & then they'll send each other something to help them complete an item or two or three (etc) on their list!

How fun does that sound? Plus, I've never participated in a blogger swap & am really excited to! And I want you to sign up too. Because maybe we'll get paired together? In which case, I want the best desserts recipe book you've ever found. That, or a copy of your favorite book. hint, hint

I love getting packages. And I'm thinking you do too?

So go over to Holly's blog & sign up for the blogger swap. I'd love to see you there with me ♥


  1. Just emailed Holly to sign up! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks so much for promoting this, Amy!!! I am getting soo many more people interested in the swap and I am SOOO excited for it to start!!! :-D

  3. I am super excited to participate in this! It's a great thing you posted this, thank you!

  4. I am participating as well! I love Holly and her blog!