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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's talk about travel, Pt 2: Things to Do + WILW

My favorite part of any trip isn't always what I do when I get there. It's what I do on my way there. So for this week's How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving, I thought I'd go with a theme...

Things to Do 
On a Road Trip

  • Play Road Trip Bingo!

    • Sing karaoke-style! (Non-alcoholic kind, of course)

      • Eat tasty snacks!

        • Listen to audio books & stories. (We've stocked up on This American Life, our favorite audio series)

          • And, of course... sleep. (That's what I'm really good at!)

            All of this just makes me want to get on the road now! But, I have to wait, sadly. C couldn't miss class. But, that gives me time to get a little feed back.

            What do you like to do on your way to a vacation?

            {Have a lovely Wednesday!}


            1. Great loves! Hope you have a great day!

            2. Great pins! Those No-Bake Energy Bites look really good!

              Happy Wednesday :)

              -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

            3. great loves girl! :)

            4. I would defnitely say that I love singing really loud in the car the most! Great things to be loving, Amy!

            5. Great travel ideas! sleeping and relaxing is one of my favorite parts of vacation :)

              p.s. If you are a coffee drinker, stop by my blog...I'm giving away some coffee :)


            6. I love singing karaoke! That's the best part. John doesn't really like it so usually I just sing it by myself. :)

            7. Singing karaoke is the best! I also enjoy digging into a good book. I'm jealous of your upcoming road trip. :)