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Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's talk about travel, Pt 4: Photography

Ok, I admit it. I'm totally a tourist whenever I go on vacation. (Heck, I'm one whenever I step out my front door!)

Ok, maybe not that bad. But I know I'm pretty pathetic looking. Trying to get the perfect shot of the random bumper sticker stuck on the trash can. (Something which I've totally done!) But, I know that the pictures I take while playing tourist will stick with me for forever.

I love looking through my old albums and seeing some awesome shots of places I've been.


Disney with the family...


A ghost tour of New Orleans with C...


Chicago at Christmas!

Gradution 033

Perhaps my proudest moment.... A picture with the captain of the 
Branson Belle in Branson, MO. 
You know you're jealous!


I wouldn't have had any of these great memories if I had not played a little bit of tourist. But, I'm still curious. How do others take those classic "tourist" pictures without looking like a "tourist"? Have you found the secret of that yet? If so, let me know!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way!

{Have a great weekend!}


  1. Photos, perfect to make our memories and share them with the world.

    Have a sweet weekend.

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  2. Ha, it depends on where you are and all...but you gotta take pictures. I even take pictures in my own city. ;) It's part of life and you want to capture those moments. :)
    I think it doesn't necessarily matter whether or not you take pictures (as a tourist or not) but what matters is how you walk around...and how you take those pictures and all. Behaving and looking like a tourist are two different things. ;)