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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who are you? My 7 links

So thanks to Selma over at Crazy Little World of Mine for tagging me in this fun 7 Links game ♥ It's taken me about a month to finally get around to posting my links. But, hey. That's life, right? So without further ado, here are my 7 links...

Source: etsy.com via Sandi on Pinterest

1) Most Beautiful

I'm going to say this is tie between two of my Mother's Day Week posts. The one for my mom & the one for my sister. I think they're beautiful posts because they're about beautiful people. And they are about my love for two of the most amazing women in my life.

2) Most Popular

My 3 giveaway posts have the most comments & most hits, but as far as post I've written goes, the most popular was the first Mother's Day Week post, where I highlighted my three favorite blogger mommas: Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, Megan from honey We're Home & Joanna from A Cup of Jo. It had so many hits because Danielle actually mentioned the post over on her blog!

I also was really ecstatic, because all 3 ladies stopped by and left comments. ♥

thank to this lady ♥

3) Most Controversial

While no one actually left a comment, the most controversial topic I blogged about was Michael Moore's "America is NOT Broke" speech during the Wisconsin Protests this past winter. I rarely take a political stance here, because that's not why I started this blog, but I was moved to write something. So I did.

I'm still nervous that that particular post is out there on the web, but I'm keeping it up.

4) Most Helpful

The most helpful to me were the Reverb 10 Posts I wrote all last December, counting down to the new year. Those posts were the first time I'd joined in a blog project with others, and it was such good practice for joining a community of bloggers. I was introduced to so many people, and it showed me the potential of the blog community!

Plus, that's how I fell in love with writing again.

Reverb 10
reflection is good for the soul

5) Post whose success surprised you

The first post I had that received more than 20 hits was a biopic I wrote about a local baker, Abbey, from Blue Baker in College Station, which I called Blue Baker's Baker. I was lucky enough to have the post linked on Blue Baker's Facebook page, and as a result it is still in the top 10 of my post popular posts (as far as page views are concerned). It was a total surprise that people would read what I had to post!

6) Post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved

One of my favorite stories I ever shared here was My Favorite Rock Star Moment. In it, I told the tale of how a member of The Decemberists made fun of me while I was getting his signature at Austin City Limits Musical Festival. I think the story is hilarious & awesome, but I guess no one else did :-(

Can't win them all, I guess?

7) Post you are most proud of

The post I go back to just to look at over & over is The Man I Love. I went back through all the pictures C & I have taken over the past 7 years and put up a picture timeline of us growing up together. I love the goofy faces and fond memories. I love seeing how we've evolved together over the years. I'm most proud of the post because it helps me fall just a little more in love with C every time I see our past ♥

one of my favorite pictures of us. so young!!

So I'm supposed to pass this along to 5 bloggers to keep the game going! I'm tagging...
  1. Amanda from Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures
  2. Lisa from A Piece of Lisa
  3. Kelly from Adventures with Kelly
  4. Callie from The Good Life
  5. And (not to be cheesy) YOU. I'd love to see what your 7 Links are from the past year ♥

Be sure to leave me a link in the comments if you play along. 
I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Thanks girly!!! I am so honored :)

  2. awesome! glad I'M your number 5, haha

  3. Hey, cool! I will definitely participate. I'll let you know when I put my post up. It will probably be a few weeks. I'll try to get to it sooner than a month ;)

  4. Yay, I finally got to read your list!!! Been MIA lately, and I missed reading your blog lady! :)