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Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Things, Vol 4

Welcome back after the extended weekend!! Thanksgiving was overflowing here in Texas -- lots of food, football and cold weather finally blew in!! Here's my favorite things about the weekend in a nutshell...

1) Cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 2, since C & I were alone on Thanksgiving. It was really fun to make just enough food for 2, and sweet to just sit with the guy I love & enjoy our life together.

2) Football. Texas played Texas A&M in College Station & I was there to see it. And although we lost (boo!), the highlight for me came during halftime when the UT band classed up their act with a nice farewell gesture, since this is the last time our two schools will be meeting for the foreseeable future:

Source: espn.go.com via Amy on Pinterest

3) Seeing my sister Dana & getting to chat into the night with her ♥

4) Having 8 people crammed into our 900 sq foot apartment for 2 days. (And almost everyone successfully showering during that time!!)

5) Cooking a Thanksgiving meal for said 8 people. On the menu (with links to the recipes, if available) was:

Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potatoes

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Wine & Beer

6) Using disposable silverware & plates so the dishes weren't a giant mound this year. (Last year, it literally took me a week to finally clean the kitchen completely. This year - it took a day)

7) Seeing The Muppets movie. It's incredible!! Go see it!

8) Heading over to the Texas Renaissance Festival... and eating & drinking for the 3rd day in a row.

Awaiting Silent Bob at the Texas Ren Fest.

9) Snapping pictures at the Ren Fest & accidentally getting random people in the background!

It's getting chilly.
See my knighted friend back there?

10) Finishing off the entire weekend cuddling with my guy in bed while watching a movie.

I really couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving weekend. 
I hope you had a great time too!! Can't wait to see what everyone else was up to!!

Happy Monday ♥

PS - I unplugged all weekend (no Twitter or anything... for the most part)... so I'll be getting around to responding to comment/emails/etc in the next few days! It was really nice to unplug & recharge.


  1. Don't you just love those quiet holidays? I enjoy time with family, but I love the holidays were it's just John and I too, so low-key and relaxing.

    Your menu is quite impressive!! Which recipe were you most impressed with? The beer mac and cheese sounds interesting.

  2. it is nice to unplug sometimes isn't it? congrats on all the dinners and that menu looks amazing

  3. I love staying up late and chatting with good friends/family! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  4. Loving your menu and I also finished the holiday cuddling my husband and watching love actually, one my faves! I started visiting you through Whay I'm Loving Wednesday, and today I started my own link up, Must have Mondays. I would live for you to check it out!