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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Food Day...

I'm always hungry on Fridays, because it's that time when I'm thinking about what I want to splurge on for the weekend... and so my thoughts start to wander. I go through all my Pinterest food finds of the week and scan food blogs I follow. And it never fails I find the perfect thing.

Here's a few recipes I'd love to make this weekend...

Grilled Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork

Indian Tacos

French Onion Soup

Source: annies-eats.net via Amy on Pinterest

Rosemary & Sea Salt Pretzels

I think I may have a junk food problem... I'm also craving pizza. So junk food & cheese!

Happy Friday ♥


  1. I shouldn't have clicked on this post, but I did anyways...SO DELiCIOUS LOOKING! I'm starving (oatmeal doesn't fill me up), so I'm waiting on my lunch to arrive...

  2. Wow... that grilled cheese sandwich looks amazing! Makes me wonder why I never thought of that!!!

  3. Wow, you found some delicious pins! Those pretzels look amazing. I've never made them before...they look a bit tricky for me!

    I have posted about a few of my favourite pins on my blog so if you have 5 Minutes to spare please pop by! I would be honoured if you could also link up your post to my weekly Pinning and Singing Pinterest Linky Party as this post is just fabulous!

    Best wishes and happy pinning!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  4. Mmm. I love me some pretzels. I may just have to check out that recipe for this weekend!

  5. Grilled mac n cheese. Really, ingenious.

    And nothing like a bowl of onion soup :)