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Thursday, December 15, 2011

6 Steps to Holiday Cheer, 3 Ways

As I mentioned last week, the DIY bug hit pretty hard. And while I didn't accomplish every little task I set in front of myself, I did make a few things I'm proud of - and I had the opportunity to re-create a few things I tried out last year.

In the spirit of the holidays, here are 3 things that you can make for your home, your neighbor, and your friend.

1) Your Home

Even though I'm in a small apartment, I made sure to decorate the outside. It just feels special to look out the window and see twinkle lights - my twinkle lights - smiling back on me. And it was surprisingly easy to do!

Material needed: Garland, Old Ornaments, Nails/Hammer, and Twinkle Lights
Total Cost: $20

  1. Stretch out garland
  2. Put nails up
  3. Measure garland "dips"
  4. Hang around entire area
  5. Sort lights and ornaments
  6. Hang lights & ornaments around garland


2) Your Neighbor
Nothing Says "Howdy Neighbor" Like Mason Jars & Pie

Crisp in a Jar

I love pie. I love baking pies. And I love giving pies. But giving pie pans was starting to annoy my family. So last year I took to a smaller, cuter route: pies baked in mason jars. I made apple. The picture above is cheery crisp. It doesn't matter what you put in the jar, what matters is that your neighbors will feel right at home after you give them this gift!

Material needed: Mini jars, Recipe ingredients, Stickers/Ribbons/Etc. to decorate outside with
Cost: $30 for about a dozen.

  1. Put pie crust inside jars
  2. Mix pie filling
  3. Stuff jars with filling
  4. Cut something cute for the top & put on top of pies, leaving holes for ventilation 
  5. Put jars in cold oven & then turn on so glass doesn't crack and bake for around 30 minutes
  6. Let jars cool, then put on lids & decorate!


3) Your Friend
Something They'll Always Remember You By

While looking through Ruche's "Homemade Holiday" catalog, I was instantly drawn to three crafts: the yarn holiday tree, yarn wreaths and the felt flowers. I just decided to combine all three and an absolutely in love with the results! ♥

Material needed: Styrofoam wreath, Yarn, Felt, Glue, Embellishments
Cost: $5-10 

  1. Wrap yarn around wreath 2-3 times
  2. Cut flowers out of felt
  3. Glue flowers in desired shape - swirl for a rose, or pinched for a daisy
  4. Place flowers around on wreath to find the perfect placement
  5. Glue flowers on to wreath
  6. Add embellishment as desired (I put the jewel right in the middle of the daisy)

So there's a few ways to keep the holidays interesting, and keep your pocket book relatively full. I really loved making all of these! It's so much fun to get crafty. And I'm not even done yet. Just you guys wait! I think the DIY Bug isn't done with me yet. My craft table (aka our dining room table) is full of a whole bunch of goodies just waiting to be played with. I'm so excited!!

If you have any great craft gift ideas, I'd love to hear them! Leave links in the comments... I want to see what you've been up to!


  1. Everything is so precious!! Go girl

  2. Those pies are adorable!!! Totally trying them soon.

  3. Love these ideas for spreading holiday cheer, Amy!

  4. Cute ideas, Amy! I need to make some pie now!

  5. Love the garland you made! I want to get garland just as soon as I get a banister in my house! :)

  6. OMG, I need to make those mason jar pies like yesterday! Such a nice idea! Thanks for sharing!