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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fashion For A Tuesday: Shoes Make or Break It

I've been loving talking about fall fashion each week. It's so much fun to search through my Pinterest Board and pick out trends I find myself falling into. Sparkly dresses and Fall Outfits are super fun... but this week, I couldn't not talk about one of my favorite parts of fall: the shoes!

There's so many shoe options during the fall!

Option A
Jewel-Colored Mary Janes

Source: ninewest.com via Amy on Pinterest

Option B
Unique Heeled Booties

Source: wanelo.com via Amy on Pinterest

Option C
Riding Boots

Source: urbanog.com via Amy on Pinterest

Option D
Wedge Booties

Option E
Jeweled Flats

Source: casualcutie.com via Amy on Pinterest

Option F
Simple Oxfords

Source: ninewest.com via Amy on Pinterest

I'm not going to lie. I wear boring flats most days. But I've been trying really hard to spice things up with heels and boots. I'm just lazy sometimes.

So I'm curious, what's your go-to fall shoe?


  1. My go to shoes are boots for sure!! Any kind of boots!

  2. A & C are my fav :)

    Too cute! I love winter shoes!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  3. I love me those jeweled flats! I wear lots of flats to work or Dansko shoes as well.

  4. Loving the boots!
    Now you need accessories to go with your choice..

    A Accessory Swap is FO REALLLL happening over at my place.


  5. ok those wedged booties are too cute.

    i have been wearing the crap outta my boots..uggs, blowfish, motorcycle, flat boots, heeled boots. love em i swear.
    i would love to spice up my wardrobe with some heels every now and then but like you, i am also lazy. lol. im thinking about putting "wear heels more often" on my 2012 new year's resolutions list.

  6. I like option E the best. I'm a huge flat wearing girl, but I also like flat boots too!

  7. I think option A is my favorite probably because of the pop of color! Those shoes would go so beatifully with a sparkly dress.

  8. I am ALWAYS wearing my boots. They were $35 at Target and I dress them up, bum them down, and even am wearing them at work today! :) I love sparkly flats too though!

  9. I think Option B are very cute!

    Since there is no snow on the ground yet, I am trying to wear all of my high boots, wedges, suede boots, anything I can't wear because of snow. Once the first snowfall drops, then I will probably live in my winter boots.