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Monday, December 12, 2011

From Lazy to Productive... With Some Added Christmas Cheer

I didn't get out of my pajamas the entire weekend. Not an exaggeration, I promise. I almost wish it was. But, when you're left home alone because your husband decides it's time for a guy's weekend, what is there to do?

In actuality, I blew off a party because I was so comfortable at home. It isn't often that I have 2 whole days to do anything I want. And what I wanted was margaritas, nachos and the Kardashians. I will admit it to the world: I watched the entire season 4 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this weekend... it came out on Netflix Instant watch in perfect time.

I did do something this weekend, I promise. I finished our Christmas decorating. We went small(ish) with a real tree this year. It's a perfect 3 foot table topper, and makes the entire apartment smell wonderfully fresh. Believe it or not, this is only my third time to have a real tree in my life. So I'm abnormally excited about it.

I also tried to decorate the outside of our apartment, but since our porch is so small it's a bit of a challenge... but I triumphed with garland, old Christmas ornaments & twinkle lights. And a fresh wreath - which we bought from the tree farm after taking our Christmas pictures - tops off the entire winter wonderland that I call home.

I also took the time to do some awesome baking & crafts... which I'll be talking about throughout the week. Because Christmas isn't complete without baking!

Here's my 10 favorite things about the weekend...
  1. Sleeping in. Who doesn't love that?
  2. Watching Meet Me in St. Lois. Such a magical movie.
  3. Being creative.
  4. Trying out new recipes.
  5. Staying cooped up inside, warm & cozy.
  6. Buying the Glee Christmas albums, from last year & this. (So fun!)
  7. Playing said albums - along with all our other Christmas music - on repeat all weekend.
  8. Staring at the lit up Christmas tree. So beautiful!
  9. Getting to catch up on "me" time.
  10. Welcoming my guy home. So nice to not sleep alone!!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland on Grooveshark

So now that I'm all rested up, it's onward to quite a busy week. Less than 2 weeks to go until Christmas!! And I haven't bought a single present yet. Gasp!



  1. haha! You sound like me yesterday! We did host a party this weekend but I was really tired afterward so yesterday, while my husband studied for finals, I treated myself to a Gossip Girl marathon on netflix! It was great! I wish I could be a pj hermit everyday! lol

  2. Yay for finishing your Christmas decorating! I'll be honest and say that my family's tree isn't up yet... don't worry I'll be doing it TODAY! haha. And I've never had a REAL tree so you're up a few on me! :p It looks good though! :) Glad you had a weekend to catch up on you time. I love weekends/nights like that!!! Have a great Monday!

  3. You were super productive, Amy! I love that you have so many decorations up! Currently listening to Christmas music on Pandora and really getting in the holiday spirit!

  4. That sounds like such a fun weekend! We all need those kind of days sometimes!

  5. Weekends at home are the BEST! My husband had a boys weeekend in October and I did the exact same thing ... pjs, tv and creative time. Your tree is beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Aw fun weekend! Love your sweet little tree, too!! Thanks for linking up with me for our Christmas Cheer party (: