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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

365 Photos + Countless Memories, Pt. 2

I can't even explain how much fun yesterday's post was for me to write. Going through a year's worth of posts and picking out what impacted me the most is so telling. And it's such a good reminder of how much I am truly blessed with. Especially you guys... re-reading my posts means I also get to re-read some old comments. And they just make me smile so much :) Thank you for reading throughout the year. I don't think I can say that enough.

And since I'm having so much fun, why not keep going? That's my thought, anyway. Here's more of my Project 365! And... it's summer time! (The fun time of year ♥ )


If I thought April was crazy, then I wasn't quite ready for May. The start of summer is always crazy, but on May 1, the story of Osama Bin Laden's death just secured that fact. I fell even more in love with my nephew, gave a shout-out to my bestie Mer, and paid tribute to my favorite mothers the week of Mother's Day with my Mama I Love You series. I saw my favorite movie of the year, Tina Fey secured herself as one of my favorite women on the planet, and then I made one of my favorite recipes of the year. (Maybe May is my month of favorites?) But it wasn't all good... I went on a failed rafting trip and the month ended on a sad note with the Missouri tornadoes.


 After April & May, I needed to slow down a bit. So I did... by declaring that I'd blog less. And then I decided to make some changes. I started my A Time For Change series, got glasses (eek!), and turned 23!! My birthday was of course the highlight of the month... I had great food & got my favorite piece of jewelry of the year ♥


July slowed w-a-y down for me... so much so that I got a little lazy & missed a few things here and there. I started off the month super excited about everything it had to offer! July is my favorite month of the year :) After all, July is my wedding anniversary month ♥ And this particular July marked the last of the Harry Potter movies. But I also got to have quality family time AND I got to see 3 bands in concert (Katy Perry included ♥ )


August was one thing: HOT. So I came up a with a few tips to beat the heat, and when that didn't work I just had lots of fun with friends. (Giant Jenga included!) I got to celebrate my Mom's birthday, my 6 year dating anniversary with C, discover corn pancakes (which I topped with salsa... yum!), and had to deal with a nasty cold (boo!). But the best thing about August was seeing my bestie Mer for the first time in a year. She visited from Canada & we escaped to the beach for the weekend. Ah, good times!!

I love memories...
Happy Wednesday ♥

(and that's what I've been loving today...
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  1. Wow this is awesome! I've tried to do Project 365 before, but never managed to keep up with it. :( The BITCH cake in June made me laugh :)