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Thursday, January 5, 2012

365 Photos + Countless Memories, Pt. 3

Part 3 of 3 :) Almost to the end. By the final stretch of my Project 365, I was almost bored. Trying to figure out why I was doing it to begin with. But, because it was a goal, I pushed through and finished. It's only been 5 days since I've been done & I have to be honest: I felt a weight was lifted. I ended up enjoying the thought of the project instead of the project itself, which just goes to show that maybe I'm not a photographer? (shocker) Or maybe I like doing things that I can easily share?

Either way, I am glad that I had this time to go through every picture one final time. It is refreshing, and has been a great reminder for me. But I'm also ready to move forward, and look ahead. I haven't set any resolutions yet. I haven't even come up with my 2012 To-Do List yet!! I'm planning on spending this weekend writing down my thoughts & setting my plans into action.

But before that, here's the final curve of memory lane: Fall & Winter


September is awesome (as I noted in my Welcome September! post) for 3 big reasons: (1) It's my nephew's birthday ♥ (2) TV shows start back up & (3) football! I posted my first V-log, listed out 100 books that should be on everyone's list, and started a little Who Are You? series (which I'm thinking of bringing back!). The big post of the month was my blog's birthday celebration and my first outfit post. And I started 30 Days of Creativity... which I never finished. (Think I know what I'll be trying again soon?)


By October, our life settles into a fast-paced rhythm of football, traveling & food. C gave me one of my favorite presents of the year ♥ I found motivation from my favorite blogger, found motivation in myself after dieting failure, and decided to try my hand again at a fashion post. Fall settled in completely and then I went on my trip and left you guys with my Let's Talk About Travel series (which is one of my favorites!!). And when I came home, I got to share my travel photos with you guys!


Doesn't November seem like forever ago? It sure does to me! I saw my old roomie get married, went on a Broadway musical kick, saw First Ladies Barbara & Laura Bush at a symposium, & went to a German festival with my family. And after my fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, I had to seriously re-consider how to diet during the holidays!


December was sad, because it meant no more football :-( But it meant finding my perfect fall outfit, and creating my Christmas wish lists - One, Two, & Three. Plus, I got to decorate for Christmas, of course! And take Christmas pictures ♥ I even got a little crafty :)

And that, my dear friends is my year in a few posts. {In case you missed it: January-April & May-September} I truly loved 2011! It was a great year of doing. Now to focus on 2012... I'm still trying to figure out this year's theme, but I know it's going to be good. I got a feeling ♥

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love this year recap through photos!! How fun!

    megs [at] Shine On and Skinny Up

  2. I think it's really cool that you have a photo from every day but I can see how it would be a challenge to stay excited about it. I've thought about taking on a project like that but I know that I'll lose motivation so why even start. I love taking photos but sometimes I'll go for weeks without picking up the camera.

  3. I'm doing an iphone app that puts the pics on a calendar. It's the closet to a 365 challenge that I've ever done :) It should be fun to look back at the end of the year though.

  4. That is so cool, but I can totally understand you got fed up at the end, I would after two months ha ha. But I'm sure they make great memories for you to look back on.

    Oh, and Happy New Year Amy!! xo