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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fashion for a Tuesday: Warm days, Winter months

Guy... guys... I wore shorts this weekend. In January.

It was fun to get a little sun on my legs, but even that's really not enough to really make up for the fact that I was actually excited about winter wear this year. But this weekend, I found myself walking around wishing I'd painted my toe nails so that flip flops were maybe an option.

How this Texas girl did Warm Winter...
Warm Winter Simple Wear

Sure, that particular day was kind of a fluke. The day before & after were back in the mid-50s & it's going to get colder this weekend. But an 80 degree day in January was enough of a shocker to write about.

How one Texas girl does "Warm Winter"...

But I'm wondering... if the heat wave comes back, how do I keep it winter-y without bundling up? As you can see above... I wore a scarf with my T-shirt & shorts. Any other ideas? This Texas girl needs a little inspiration for the next warm winter day!


  1. Ugh, tell me about it! It's a high of 80 today here in FL. We didn't get ANY winter this year. :( I guess that means this summer is going to be miserable!

    Love that blue and orange outfit. Super cute!

  2. I love that first outfit! Too bad it will be a while before getting to wear it... stupid NJ winter!

  3. I love those sunglasses! Wish it was short weather here! Can't wait!

  4. We've also had a seasonally warm winter with only a couple dustings. I hate it! We got a thunderstorm the other night and while I love those, I want it to snow! Haha

    Just watch, either we'll get dumped on in the next couple months or we'll get snow in June. ;)

  5. We've had an unseasonably warm winter in Memphis too. Crazy! Makes me worry for how hot the summer is going to be, though.