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Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Motiviation from the Red Carpet + an Accessory Swap

As I sat watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet show, I couldn't help but get a little jealous of all the beautifully clad women. And then I hear Sofia Vergara admit she's been doing two-a-day workouts to get ready for the event. And then there's of course Melissa McCarthy whose over-the-average Hollywood weight never seems to phase her. She was gorgeous, confident, and highly praised.

My 3 favorites - if you exclude Claire Dane's front of the dress

One of the positive things about the ridiculous amount of cameras, behind the scenes interviews, and over-analyzing of every fashion choice at these Awards shows, is that the Hollywood veil is broken down a bit. And it's a refreshing reminder that these women and men are really humans. They have teams and teams of people behind them to make them look that way.

SNL women, represent! (did you catch this meme?)

So, instead of beating myself up, I'm taking last night's Golden Globe's beauty and channeling it into motivation.The women on that carpet are so confident in themselves - or at least they come off as confident. I love seeing these beautiful glammed up girls still having fun and joking through the whole ordeal.

Three dresses that I think I liked...but I'm not 100% sure. They're thinking pieces...

And that's what my goal this week is going to be: finding the inner confidence to hold myself high and give myself what I deserve. Gym trips, better meals, water breaks, and even mental-health breaks. I'm prioritizing that this week. I hope to come out of this week with even more confidence and drive to keep up my fitness goals ♥

All red carpet photos from The Hollywood Reporter

And speaking of getting a little glammed up, I joined up with Jess from Stilettos and a Fishing Pole in her Accessory Swap! I was paired up with Stephanie from Living the Young Life - a mid-twenties girl from Tennessee who has big style & bold tastes. It was so much fun shopping for her, because I could get a little out of my comfort zone & buy a few pieces that I'd probably never wear. (Hope she liked it ♥ )

But even more exciting was receiving my gifts! I opened up my giant box with great anticipation and found an array of goodies - a teasing brush (something I don't own but have wanted top pick up for forever), a manicure set & face mask, an awesome set of OPI nail polish, new nail stick-ons in my favorite color, and an adorable Love necklace & matching earrings!

It was really fun getting a little present in the mail! I can't wait to see what all the other girls received ♥

If you missed it over the weekend... 
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  1. :) i hope you liked your sutff!! and i have already worn mine!!!! :) luvs!!!! u did an amazing job :)

  2. I thought Sophia looked incredible too! Good luck with feeling inspired. Can't wait to see what the week holds for you!

  3. So many stunning gowns!

    Those nail effects from Sally Hansen ROCK!!

  4. I love your recap for the outfits at the golden globes. Such glamorous women, and so are you!

    Such great goodies you got too :)


  5. I missed the Golden Globes this year, as I've moved to Australia. :( So thanks for posting the pics!!

  6. Liked the Golden Globes a lot...and I think the dresses could have been better, but still...I've seen worse years! :) I liked Sofia's, and I have to admit even Angelina's dress the most! :)

    Happy Monday!


  7. I love Golden Globes fashion...who am I kidding...I love any fashion! I loved Emma Stone's dress, love her style. I saw that you are a fellow Aggie! Gig 'em!