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Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivation, Determination, Edamame + Giveaway Winner

So, I've been actively working out for two week now & can't really see many physical changes. What changes I have seen are mostly mental ones.

I can tell that when I'm actively working out, my mind is more at ease. I'm more confident & more willing to try things out. I'm still (and maybe even more so) tired a lot, but I'm hoping that with more conditioning and regulation my exhaustion will go away. But it's the confidence increase that I really need & really enjoy when it comes along.

I'm most concerned with my weekly meals. Any good trainer will tell you that 70% of weight loss and physical fitness comes from nutrition. So I've been cutting back on carbs, mostly. And increasing those leafy greens. Having Edamame as a snack instead of chips & salsa. Especially during the week. It's much harder that it seems it should be. But, then again, there's a reason why I'm overweight. And there's a reason why I hired a personal trainer to set me in the right direction.

And on the personal trainer note... unfortunately, I could not afford a ton of sessions with him, and unfortunately it's getting close to the end! I'm a little nervous to go off on my own... especially since I respond so much better to external motivation than internal (I do what I'm told).

So consider this my little shout out to myself to stay encouraged and to let myself know that I am capable of staying on track - both with working out & feeding myself well. I know I have a great, encouraging husband by my side & luckily a place (here) to air my grievances. All of that helps to keep me focused and on track.

My goals this week are:
  • Document my food daily & analyze it completely at the end of the week
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day - and document it
  • Work out 4 times - twice with my PT & twice by myself
  • Avoid weighing myself until the end of the week
  • Have 1 serving of veggie/fruit and 1 serving of protein at each meal
  • Create an inspiration board to hang in my closet ♥

What are some goals you're currently working on?
How do you make sure you stay on track?


We also have a giveaway winner! Forgive me for not announcing it this weekend. But my mom was in town & I unplugged... which is something I've come to completely depend on. It's so rejuvinating taking a step back from the internet & just living life. 

But enough about that... the winner (using random.org) of the magazine giveaway is: Amanda from Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures. She wanted "Marie Claire" and that's what she'll get ♥ Congrats girl!

{Have a Happy Monday!}


  1. I bought a Fitbook (look on amazon or target) and I really like it. I write out my workout plan for each week and then every day I record what I did.

    I also find that knowledge is power. I've been reading books about sugar because that is something I really struggle with. The more I know the easier it is to avoid.

    I like your goal "avoid weighing myself till the end of the week." I think that would be a good thing for me too and since it's Monday and I new week I think I'll add that to my weekly goals too. :)

  2. My favorite of your goals here is to avoid weighing your self until the end of the week. I have such a hard time with that one. For a while when I first started working out/losing weight I would weigh myself every morning and that would be helpful. Since I was new to it, weight dropped quickly and there was a difference almost every day. Now that I'm now 50 pounds and it is a year later, the weight isn't melting off nearly as easily. I have a lot more fluctuation on a daily basis and it just ends up being frustrating.
    Now I weigh in on Wednesday mornings and I avoid the scale for the rest of the week. It's hard, but it really makes it easier.

    Good luck this week!

  3. I really need to get back on track with my exercising and dieting!!!

    PS. I'm hosting a giveaway over on my blog. I'm giving away The Civil Wars cd!