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Monday, January 30, 2012

Staring Ahead... Into Nothing

{Texas Roads... a great place to think}

So... welcome back to the week ♥

I set goals last week that I didn't keep. And I'm not going to lie to you - I had a tough week. Tornado warnings were going on as I drove to work Wednesday morning, C and I had a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on a bunch of different things (had to put this into practice), and an opportunity that I really want may not work out.

But I'm trying to remind myself that sometimes, that's just life, and you have take the bad with the good.

I read this wonderful article by my friend Leslie this week, which really spoke to me. She spoke of being in that "in between" stage and dealing with being content without all the answers...

Thankfully, finally, by God’s grace I’ve learned to make nice with In-between. And it’s a good thing too, because life is a long series of in-betweens. Life doesn’t always fall into our pre-scheduled blocks. Expectations fail and we find ourselves floundering in the In-between.

‘Arriving’ and finally getting to where you want to be in life is contrived. I think that as a culture, we usually get to one milestone and sit and enjoy it for about a second, only to quickly move on and set our eyes on the next milestone – because that next step will surely, surely make all of life better.

What we sometimes forget is how much shaping and learning goes on during these in-between times. The habits you make in the in-betweens will not magically evaporate when you get where you want to be.

 Emotions: On Female Bread-Winners and Hard-Fought Contentment by @LeslieLaughs

Currently, C and I are in the "in between" stage and are trying to figure out what to do next - and as we get closer to the inevitable decision-making-time, I'm getting more nervous, more tense, and am starting to let my anxiety take over. It's causing strain on my relationship with my husband, and my personal happiness. And thanks to Leslie's post, I'm able to finally see that strain clearly.

I'm one who easily scares. It's hard for me to not be nervous when staring ahead into nothing. I like seeing the next step and not being able to see that is really starting to stress me out. So instead of fitness-related goals this week, I decided to try and apply Leslie's advice to my life. My goal this week is to simply:

focus on being happy where I am

A little vague, but I think it'll do me well. I need to focus on what I already have, be satisfied and content with that, and not worry so much about tomorrow. It'll come when it gets here.

What are some goals you've set for yourself this week? I'd love to know!

{Happy Monday!}
I hope we all have a great week ♥


  1. The in-between is tough but what Leslie said is perfect. Hopefully you're able to relax and be happy in-between things and fully enjoy life :-)

  2. i love the picture of the open road. Driving is when I do all my thinking as well!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  3. I recognize that road! Makes me miss Texas.

  4. Also, good luck with everything. I feel like I'm in an in between right now too (living out of a suitcase on your friend's floor waiting for apartment approvals will do that), and while it's definitely not the same in between it's tough. I hope your week of focusing on happiness goes well for you!

  5. Ah I hope this week is better. I know it will all work out for you :)

    Here's to a great week!

  6. I truly hope this week is better!!! Things will work out girl, that's for sure! I am trying to always look at the bright side of life...and as cliche as this may sound I'm telling you the same! :)