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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Loving..

Man the week flies by! Where does the time go?? Anyway... no sense fretting. How about we just jump right in to my Wednesday tradition?  

Here's what I've been loving this week...

  • Coffee art! I really want to print this out & frame it in my kitchen...

Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

  • When Joanna featured this recipe for the Best Chocolate Mousse, I almost died!

  •  How beautiful is this balloon wall? My sister's about to have a baby girl, I think I know how I want to decorate her baby shower!

  •  And here's a beautiful, yet simple, wrapping tip from A Subtle Revelry (and if you're not following that blog yet... you should be)

  •  And, finally... how perfect is this blouse?!? It was so perfect, that Anthropologie even responded to my tweet about it! (And I'm a dork & had to share that with you!)

So that's all the fun for today... over here at least.
To see what others are loving, go check out:

Happy Wednesday! ♥

Oh... I updated my professional website this week.
Check it out!  (If you want)


  1. The chocolate mousse looks so good!

    Lyndsay @ Simply Lyndsay

  2. A love to coffee art! The Irish coffee made me giggle.

  3. That balloon wall rocks! You must do that for the party! And of course take pics to pin :)

    Hope you have a terrific Wednesday!


  4. You have to do that for your sis's baby shower! I love it. It would make the perfect shabby chic tea party for a future birthday too!

  5. That balloon wall is amazing. You must post pics if you recreate for your sisters shower!

  6. You have the most awesome pins this week! That blouse is lovely, like the wrapping, the balloon wall is so happy looking, chocolate mousse..yummy! Great idea to frame and hang it on your kitchen wall.
    Love. Bliss. Life.

  7. I love that coffee art! Too cute!

  8. the coffee art is super cute! & so is that balloon wall ;] LOVE it.



  9. Happy to be your newest follower. Love the way you're inspired by the decorations for your sisters' baby shower. The coffee art is too precious! speaking of sisters, this might be a framer for my own.

    By the looks of the inspiration you share, we think you'd love See Beautiful too!


    Happy seeing beautiful!

  10. I love the balloon wall! That would be so pretty at a shower!

    Lauren @ My Life

  11. Those coffee cups are too cute! Great pins!

  12. I love the balloon wall! That would make such cute party decor. I like coffee print/art too! My favorite I saw recently said Coffee Is Always A Good Idea. Actually I think I included in in my blog post today! have a great day!

  13. The coffee cup poster is so cute! And the chocolate mousse looks so good. I also love the pretty balloon wall. :)

    Angela | PoodlePoddles

  14. Haha I love the first pin! My first pin is also coffee related. Great minds... :)

  15. the balloon pin is perfect. such a pretty pretty display!

    oh snap yo sissy is gonna have a girl! how exciting for yall. congrats!

  16. That coffee cup print is just... SO CUTE. I definitely want one. :)

  17. That coffee print is so cute! And how helpful? Im not that smart when it comes to coffee so this would be really cute hanging in the kitchen somewhere!
    New follower :)

    XO. Britt