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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Steps to a Perfect Valentine's Day

wedding photo booth

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Have anything romantic planned this evening? My guy's actually surprising me with something. So no telling what I'm going to get home to discover. But just because I'm not actually controlling my own Valentine's Day destiny, doesn't mean I can't plan it, right? So here you go.  

10 Steps to a my Perfect Valentine's Day:
Step 1: Wake up to a single flower with a ribbon on it on my bedside table.

Step 2: Discover coffee has already been brewed (the way I like it) on the pot

Step 3: Once I get to work, receive a text every hour on the hour with a sweet nothing

Step 4: Get home from work to discover the giant bouquet of flowers I've been waiting for all day - only to discover it's actually a Cake Pop bouquet, because you can't eat flowers.

Step 5: Dress up in heels, a dress & hose... only to be surprised with a stay-at-home meal.

Step 6: Open a bottle of wine, and help be my guy's sous chef as he makes Chile-Chocolate Coated Filet, Black Bean Risotto, and a Cherry Tomato Salad. And then eat said meal by candlelight.

Step 7: Ignore the dishes, while we eat Chocolate Lava Cake on the back porch, with dessert wine, wrapped up in blankets.

Step 8: Bedroom time ;)

Step 9: Watch April & Andy's wedding episode from "Park & Rec"

Step 10: Fall asleep cuddling.

I hope you have a wonderful, fun, romantic evening!
 ♥ Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. No romantic plans here! Tuesday is my honey's late night at work, so I'll be savoring some snuggles with my son. :)

    I hope your romantic surprise is delightful!

  2. Hope your evening with Christian will be sweet and savoring! Love you both, Mom

  3. I love your this is 100% your Valentine's Day! We have some similar things that I would want, but I guess I'll have to wait until next year. I did wake up to a text asking to be M's Valentine though. Simply being formally asked brings out the butterflies!

  4. i love love! and i love your collage!