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Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Things, Vol 6

1. New Followers. Hello!! You made my week.

2. Organization. Loving it recently. Hoping this streak will continue & I'll get a jump start on spring cleaning. (Saturday plans, perhaps?)

3. Baby showers. I get to throw one in a month & I'm really excited! We're putting together the baby room & I'm looking for inspiration!

4. Weight loss. It's hard. I'm no good at it. But I'm trying. (Though, just weighed myself this morning and I'm down 2 pounds this week... finally!)

5. Friday. Can we just all agree it's the best day ever? (Plus it's the start of New York Fashion Week!)

6. February Photo a Day. 10 days in, & I'm loving it

7. Grammy Awards. My guy's working, so I get to watch them alone. I'm stoked. Looking for recipes to make for myself as we speak.

8.My favorite post of the week. Thank you Sydney.

9. Photoshop. I will learn you.

10. Weekend. Woo hoo! It's here! Now time to get some rest and I get to meet up with Leslie & her guy. I'm excited :)

Have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you so much for reading. ♥


  1. I'm struggling with the darn weight thing too! Ugh I hate it but must do it. Want to be down at least 10 or 15 by my wedding in 2 months! AHHH! My new followers made my week too!

  2. Holla! Yay for fun weekend plans. Excited about tonight! :)

  3. I'm one of your new followers and I'm pumped about it! Weight loss is so hard! Congrats on yours! I thought I was doing well until someone brought donuts to work :) and I'm also trying to figure out photoshop...it's just so intimidating!

    Anyway, happy weekend!


  4. YAY for Friday! And have fun cleaning/organizing! I love it, most of the times. I completely forgot the Grammy's were on this weekend. Guess I need to make sure I'm home for them on Sunday!

  5. I wish Friday was the end of my week but I work tomorrow too. Booo. Have a great weekend though! :)

  6. I'm excited for the Grammys too!! And Fridays are the best aren't they?!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!