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Monday, February 20, 2012

5 girls I've learned a lot from...

I'm an independent, "do-it-yoursef" kind of person. I've always had the notion to be self-learned, and self-dependent. However, I've begun to learn the value of learning from - and depending upon - others. Diving into the blog world opened my eyes up to many people, more experienced than me, that I could learn from.

Some teach me directly. Others, indirectly. But I've created a few mentor-like followings in blog-land that have shaped me to be the blogger, and all around internet-personality, that I've grown into. And I thought it was time to share a few of those mentors.

This is, of course, not a comprehensive list - my list is always developing - but I feel like this is an accurate representation of where my inspiration comes from. I'd highly suggest following any of these women's blogs. They'll inspire you for sure.

#1: What I Wore, by Jessica

Greatest tip: Don't be an internet DJ.
During the Alt Summit, I followed Jessica's tweets like no other, and at one point she tweeted the advice above. I took it to heart instantly & have tried really hard to follow since. I've made it my goal to create original content - pictures & text alike - here. And it's paid off. I'm more satisfied with myself & have had a great response from you. Plus, her fashion sense is killer (and practical!)

#2: Little Chief Honeybee, by Kaelah

Greatest tip: Her "Honest to Blog" series has given me the confidence to post what I'm thinking & feeling... using this blog as more of an online diary, less of a platform to tell people facts.
She also published her PR + Marketing e-book, which totally helped me to focus & direct my blog. It had so many real-life, applicable tips. I about to start re-reading the thing, because I know there's so much I missed the first go-around. It's not expensive at all & totally worth every dime. Go get it.

#3: Katie's Pencil Box, by Katie

Greatest tip: Be happy & take pretty photos.
This may not be what Katie's blog is exactly about... but that's what I've gotten from it. Her posts always take the weight off my shoulder, and are a refreshing breath of fresh air. Her simplistic blog is perfect after a long day.

#4: Sometimes Sweet, by Danielle

Greatest tip: Be yourself. You don't have to "sell" anything else to be a success.
I came into Danielle's blog after she had her baby - and while that puts her in a stage of life ahead of where I'm at - I feel like every baby-related/mommy-related/almost "30-something"-related post she publishes is paving the path ahead of me. She's like a big sister preparing me for the next decade. I don't think I'd be as ready for motherhood right now if it wasn't for her.

#5: Rachel King

Greatest tip: Being a "social-media addict" doesn't have to be a waste of time.
Rachel uses her love for social media as a way to get jobs, and make a life for herself. I've never seen somebody so honest and open in every part of her online life. Of course her business blog is more formal than her personal blog, they are all interlinked. I'm an 8-5, office girl, and it's great to see someone not lose their personality in that.
(plus, Rachel's Pinterest resume inspired me to do one of my own)

I hope what I've learned is something you can learn - or have learned - too. These women are fantastic & such an inspiration to me. Go check them out please ♥

Have a fantastic week!
{Happy Monday!}


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspirations - Amy. I think everyone can always learn something new, you know? :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I never would have heard of these blogs otherwise. x

  3. I found this post from a link list Danielle had over at Sometimes Sweet. I'm so glad to have come across your blog and also to check out the other bloggers you've featured here.

    Hope your weekend is going swimmingly well : )