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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Growing Pains...

I wanted to continue with last week's love story, but life is funny & always throws little curve balls our way. And something much more important than my engagement story (3 years ago yesterday, btw!!) came up.

Over the past month or so, Christian & I just haven't been clicking. It's not like we were fighting or mad at each other... it was just that something was off. And finally, finally we were able to put a name to it.

Growing pains.

We've both been growing & learning & developing - for the first time in a long time separately from the other in areas in our own life - and it's like the world just got a little out of focus. But, once I muttered those words, growing pains, the focus was adjusted and we both instantly saw eye to eye on everything once again. The heaviness in the air was lifted, and we had true, legitimate fun. (Bonus: we've slept better since too!)

I marvel at how everything can be fine, and yet still not. It's just a reminder that we all really are just people... flawed, imperfect. And also it's a good reminder that "not clicking" doesn't have to be anybody's fault. Sometimes it just is.

And that's it. Short & simple.

What have you learned in your relationship recently?


  1. Great post, and so honest!

    Lately I've been learning how to encourage John to be bold and courageous, and reinforcing his purpose in missions.

  2. So good to know other people go through this! Mike and I have been learning how to be okay with being in the same room but not necessarily hanging out together. Moving in together for the first time is tough.

  3. I can totally relate to this post, but with just about anything in my life when it comes to changes and relationships. We all go through changes and grow (separately and apart), but in the end if we love one another, it'll work out :)