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Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Victories in Marriage

This past weekend, Christian's best friend came to visit. And the guys joked all weekend about what I'd write about after it was over. And, even though I was told them "I won't write anything!" it was only inevitable that when I sat down to write this week's Marriage Series post, all I could think about was the weekend & the lessons learned.

Now, for you to understand my lesson learned, I must first confess something about myself: I am a jealous, control freak. Which isn't too bad, until you add that to my demanding personality and tendency to over-dramatize everything. (Because, really, what fun is marriage if things aren't over-dramatized?)

Every time we have people over to our house for an extended stay, it's absolutely necessary for me to go in with a game plan. I stress easily when I'm playing "host" -- even to the dearest & closest of friends -- and I've discovered these high-stress situations aren't exactly ideal for the open-communication, loving relationship I strive to have with Christian.

My game plan this weekend was to sit back, relax & don't make any decisions. I went into the weekend telling myself it was a guy's weekend & I was the third-wheel and wouldn't try to control anything. And surprisingly, it worked.

I had a lot of fun, wasn't stressed out at all, and got a very sweet compliment from my guy at the end of it all. Plus he had fun - which was really what mattered anyway. Finally, a win!

It's the little victories that make the work totally worth it!

What victory have you had lately?


  1. this is so true girl :) great post!

  2. I'm very impressed! I think I need to do this every day of my life "relax, don't take control, enjoy myself." Maybe I'll try one step at a time!

  3. i love that photo of you guys.
    good post.

    for me i am awful at letting go of a grudge. i've been trying to just not think so much on something that happened in the past and hold a grunge against someone over it. i'm gradually getting better. baby steps, right.