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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Traditions in Marriage

Christian & I have a tradition each year the week or so before Valentine's Day, that's been going on for years now. It's our yearly tradition to give each other small trinkets (of bigger meaning) for an entire week on alternating days. We call it Symbols Week.

It's a ritual of sorts. We honestly forget to plan for it until the day before, but it always magically comes together. And I love having a tradition totally made up by us. I think every relationship needs the little quirky traditions to keep it moving along. (Like Elsie's "Fort Christmas" or Rockstar Diaries' "12 Dates")

So what, you ask, are these "symbols" I speak of? Here's a few of the wonderful gifts we shared with each other this past week:
*Gold Stars - to represent my desire to praise Christian more & encourage him more

*Mini-dessert plate from a local fine dining restaurant - to symbolize how much Christian loves doing "fancy" things with me & getting dressed up to have a good time together ♥

*Zebra figure - to symbolize the little stories and inside jokes we share. And to celebrate that our relationship is unique.

*Calendar to symbolize how much I love making plans with my guy.
It's sort of cheesy, and my friend Paige makes fun of me so much for this but I love keeping traditions up. I think it's a really great way to keep things fresh, new & exciting in a relationship.

What traditions do you have?


  1. My husband and I have been getting an ornament each Christmas we've been dating, so now when we decorate our tree it's full of unique ornaments representing how long we've been together...since 2004. Plus we got each of our animals ornamens the year we got them, a wedding ornament the year we got married, and this year we got an "Our First Home" ornament because we bought a house!

  2. ok I think that is SO SWEET! And I totally needed a reminder to praise my hubby more-thank you :)

  3. We have a tradition like Courtney except our ornaments come from places we've vacationed to. Instead of getting a trinket or t-shirt we buy something to hang on our Christmas tree. We always write the date on it so then we can look back and remember all of the cool places we've been to.

  4. How could you ever make fun of that?! It's so precious! Love it. :)

  5. this is so cute. that picture really captures the love. :)

    love rach.