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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Loving...

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I'm once again linking up with Jamie from This Kind of Love and Michelle from The Vintage Apple for my favorite weekly link-ups!

Here's what I've been ing this week:

  • This super-adorable customizable design. Totally want it for our house!
Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

  • I'm loving my new shirt. Pink with black polka dots! How can you go wrong?
Source: twitter.com via Amy on Pinterest

  •  Edamame Dip & {homemade} Rice Crackers. So perfect & healthy, I have to try this soon!

  • I made myself a new logo!! I've been playing around in Photoshop & drafted this thing up...
Source: twitter.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: twitter.com via Amy on Pinterest

I hope you've been having a fantastic week!
{Happy Wednesday!}

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  1. So I'm seriously obsessed with that print! I need one!! And your shirt is SO adorable!! :)


  2. Yes, that shirt is pretty cute! Love that color!


  3. I love dots, so that shirt really is perfect! And that print is adorable - may have to get that for the hubby (so, really for me) for our anniversary! :)

  4. I loved ALL of your weekly loving!!

  5. Love the new logo! And I will definitely be checking out your reviews of the Oscar nominees - out of all of them, I've only seen The Help and I want to see the rest!

    -Jessica @ fantasticallyaverage.blogspot.com

  6. stumbled upon your blog from WILW. the edamame dip looks delicious-might have to try that.

  7. I NEEEED that customizable design! So stinkin' cute!
    I'm loving your blog! So happy I found it today :)

  8. Can't wait for the Oscars...and I love your new shirt! I'm a polka dot fan, so yeah...out of 100 points, you already get 120!! ;)