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Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Things, Volume 10

Weekend? Yes you read that correctly. My weekend starts today. Four glorious days of no work. Can't get much better than that right? And since I'm heading out & taking off, I decided to cut my posts short here as well. So, pretend today is Friday... even though it's really my Saturday... but actually Thursday. Got it? Good.

Dreaming of all that free time...

Here's 10 things before I go:

1. I get an iPhone this week. Finally, finally!

2. I get to throw my sister a "baby room makeover" work day party. Can't wait to see what we end up with. And I'm planning the menu as we speak. Trying to remember there will be children & I can't pull a Sookie on them.

3. And since I'm heading to my sister's house, I get to see even more of my nephew. Who's just getting cuter every time I see him.

4. I tweaked my shoulder at the gym last week, and it's almost better. But no push ups for me for a while.

5. Family dinner tomorrow night! (At least I hope that'll happen... wonder what my mom's going to make? Or should I make something? Hmm...)

6. I've had my green beer for St. Patty's Day once & that's enough for me, but hope you enjoy the festivities. I'm out this weekend.

7. Thanks for all the chapped lip advice last week. Think I have it (mostly) under control.

8. Now I need advice for not being able to sleep. I've had terrible luck sleeping this week & it's really wearing me down. Thoughts? Ideas?

9. It's time for a hair change. I've begun musing...

This is what I'm currently working with. Eh.
This is not brushed or blow dried... just air dried naturally.

10.  Four days of rest from work seems too good to be true. I really needed it. I'm already 4 episodes into "Smash" & plan on being caught up before next week's episode ♥

See you Monday!
Have a wonderful - long - weekend ♥

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  1. An iphone YAYYYY!!! Almost life-changing. Some people would argue that they are completely life-changing. Such a great little phone! And I've never had green beer but I'll have to try some this weekend. And yay for four day weekends! That's the best ever.

    Hope the shower goes great : )


  2. I think your hair would look really cute stacked, cut high in the back and longer around your face. Even in your wavy air dried look :)

  3. Jealous of your long weekend, and can't wait to hear what you decide to do with your hair. Oh and WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF iPHONES!!!

  4. All I have to say is ENJOY your long weekend :) and that no sleeping thing...um do you have a feisty 8 month old baby boy living at your house? that's usually why I don't get sleep ;)

  5. Have a wonderful long weekend with your fam! Maybe relaxing a bit this weekend will help you sleep. I always read before bed, it makes my eyes tired!

  6. I think a stacked bob, think Victoria Beckham, not Kate Gosselin would be cute!

    Try taking some melatonin for better sleep. Make sure that you have at least 7hrs to devote to sleep otherwise you'll be groggy. Good Luck!

  7. Love the show SMASH! It's like a grown up version of Glee. Have a great long weekend.

  8. Enjoy the long weekend. I want to see Smash but haven't yet

  9. 1mg of melatonin before bedtime. Natural sleep aid. Good sleep. Wake up feeling rested.

    Although a few people have crazy side affects like insanely vivid dreams. But most people just sleep really well with it.

  10. TGITh...congrats! Reads like you have so much to look forward to. Yippee to the iPhone - they rock! How fun to remodel a baby room and spend more time with your nephew. Just be careful with that elbow!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  11. Congrats on the iPhone - and the four day weekend. I'm jealous!

  12. I love your "love" necklace, and YAY for getting an iPhone! :)

  13. YAY for all that you have going on this weekend
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  14. Yay iPhones are awesome! I sometimes can't sleep as well, I try to plan something in my head, like something you need to do the next day, that can work quite well.
    xo Lisa

  15. Super jealous of your long weekend! I'm not the kind of person who naturally falls asleep easily, but if I impose some "quiet time" where I can relax with a drink and a book or something else right around bedtime, it makes it a lot easier.